Elite Dangerous Will Begin Addressing Update 14 Issues Early in the New Year

Following the introduction of Update 14 to Elite Dangerous, many players have been experiencing a range of issues that have made it difficult to enjoy the game. Fortunately, Frontier has officially announced that they will be addressing these issues early in the new year with an interim update. Read on to find out more about the upcoming fixes and how this could improve your experience in Elite Dangerous!

Considering that it’s already late December, the team compiled a list of the recognized concerns that they are working to attend to, however once again, an upgrade won’t be out until early in the year. AX dispute zones around bases aren’t progressing. And when you attempt to utilize provider management to leap to an area within a system map, you might get an error message that does not go away till you return to the menu. Additional issues impacting cooldowns or some things ending up being undetectable that should not be, but if you take a look at these issues you can inform that they are significant.

While there is no date set yet for this interim update, they’ll be announcing more information after the holiday break in the brand-new year. Some of the issues that they are resolving include crashes under particular situations, like when approaching a Thar gold Barnacle site. Ammo can’t be synthesized yet for the Boosted AX missile rack. Additionally, Objective Boards are not filling the method they need to be, and lots of players are reporting their experiences regularly with this particular concern.

You can check out the complete list of known concerns and more on the occasion, over at Elite Dangerous.

When update 14 struck Elite Dangerous, Frontier spoke with the community that there are a number of substantial concerns, and they’ve announced that an interim update that will help several of these issues is coming early in the brand-new year.

In the meantime, the vacation occasion is going on, there will be benefits for finishing efforts in the event, including paint tasks. The event goes through January fifth, 2023.


Given the range and the depth of these issues, including crashes and items not appearing, the mission boards not packing, and other difficulties that the neighborhood keeps reporting about, it would not be surprising at all if we see at least partial repairs begin rolling in next month. While the team already has all of these concerns as a priority in internal investigation, we’ll have to wait a little longer to understand when they’ll start to get fixed.