Dead Island 2: Test criteria for the in-game content


Dead Island 2 is a video game that consists of four different playable characters and an open world zombie-infested world with extreme violence. Dead Island 2 is not to be sold in Germany. This article will go over the test criteria for the in-game content.

While the statement of the cut Dead Island 2 variation for the German market gives the look that the US examiners do not have a soft spot for the desecration of dead zombies, a news release of the home entertainment software application self-discipline likewise makes it clear that game-internal functions such as buying or
In the future, interaction alternatives can be incorporated into the assessment and can have an influence on the classification of the particular game.
In this sense, the independent committees of the US can now inspect in specific cases whether particular usage functions can result in an increased threat for kids and adolescents, for example in relation to chats or undesirable expenditures.

existing protective steps are taken into consideration

On the other hand, existing protective measures can have a positive influence on the impending greater classification.
According to US, Parental Control systems developed by market that can use moms and dads to accompany the video game behavior of their children.
In order to give households even more orientation, the tried and tested age license plates are broadened to include information on the use, says the US.
In the future, parents will acknowledge at a look which reasons for age ratio have led (e.g. comic power or pressure) and what risks need to be born in mind when utilizing media (e.g. talks, in-game purchases or area transfer)..
Parents and all gamers who wish to discover out more about internal systems and risks before purchasing are available on the back of a game packaging and in the US title database.
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The US explains that the intro of the brand-new guidelines is due to the changed youth protection law of May 2021.
The updated leading criteria can download interested celebrations from the US website.
Additional reports on US.