Who Are The New Protagonists Of Pokemon?

Ash Ketchup’s Pokémon trip will come to an end next year, with a new group of brave coaches who seek to follow their steps and become the best.


The next Pokémon iteration does not begin until within a while, but that gives fans a long time to discover who will be the next best coach.
This is what we know so far about who are the new protagonists of Pokémon.

What are the names of the new protagonists of the Pokémon anime?

Image Source: The Pokémon Company International
From this moment, the names of the new characters that will replace Ash Ketchup are not yet known.
However, the creators have shown us how they look and a family trio of Pokémon.
After 25 years, Ash Ketchup’s trip comes to an end.
The Pokémon Company announced that at the beginning of 2023, a special of 11 episodes will be broadcast that will conclude the Journey of Ash and Pikachu.
There have been no details that detail when the trip of the next duo begins, however, fans are already gathering their brains to discover who could be.
Many believe that the girl can be related to Ash in some way, since he carries the mark of her hat in her hair.
Most likely, we have to wait awhile before getting more details about what follows for the long-standing franchise.
However, that leads us to our next point.

Why ISSN replaced?

Image Source: CNET
If you have been following Ash’s trip from the beginning, the answer may already know.
For those who have lost it, Ash Ketchup has officially become world champion.

Announced last month by the official Pokémon account, Ash’s trip has finally completed his goal of becoming the better than anyone ever was.
There is not much more to be done with his character, which leads fans to the next generation of Pokémon coaches who seek to recreate what he has done.
It is a bittersweet moment, but never leave the door closed at a possible return of one of the greats.
That is all we know about who are the next protagonists of the Pokémon anime.
As long as you are here, look at the announcement of the end of Ash’s trip, the next TCG changes or the 20 most popular anime of all time.
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