Ben Affleck Has Spoken With James Gunn About Directing A DC Movie


For a few weeks the situation of DC Comics with its film universe has become tragic, since the first thing that was confirmed was the cancellation of tapes like Wonder Woman 3. And this has been added that yesterday it was announced
Henry Cavill’s farewell as Superman, something that has left fans quite confused.
In a series of tweets, James Gun and Co-President Peter Saran have finished a DC list, Gun revealed that he met with Ben Affleck to discuss the possibility of directing a DC movie.

This through the thread that comments that the next Superman movie will have a younger character, so his main actor, Cavils, was ruled out.
While Gun will write the movie, he will not direct it.
When asked if Ben Affleck, who played Bruce Wayne in Snyder verse DC’s films, could lead, Gun surprisingly revealed that he met him to discuss the possibility.
Emphasizing that they are looking for the right project to have their vision of some character.

I met with Ben yesterday because he wants to direct, and we want him to lead;
We just have to find the right project.
This possible roles with Ben Affleck of Actor to Director gives us the clue that the subject in question could continue as Batman, only in the timeline that James Gun plans.
Well, we cannot forget that The Batman is another universe, it will even have its own spin off series with the penguin as the protagonist.
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Editor’s note: For now everything that will happen with DC in the movies is quite confusing, because to start, tapes such as Aquaman if they are going to see their premiere in cinemas, but after a month said universe will restart.