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Beginners Guide to Soda Dungeon 2

Well, it’s time to get back into Soda Dungeon 2! So you’ve heard about the game, seen some gameplay online, and maybe picked up a copy for yourself. But that’s not enough to make it worth your while. It might seem like too much to take at at first glance. You haven’t played many games in this genre before, so you don’t understand how things work and how to get ahead as quickly as possible. Rest assured that there are plenty of ways to learn the ropes in this article!

The upgrading of your equipment improves its basic statistics, as well as additional qualities.
To update your devices, you will need to spend forge crystals, which can be obtained from the blacksmith, dungeons and pursuits.
Monsoons will certainly nevertheless be the main way to win them.
As you boost the level of an item, the cost of upgrade will increase:.
Degree 1-3 blue crystals.
Degree 2-10 blue crystals.
Level 3-3 Red Crystals.
Degree 4-10 Red Crystals.
Degree 5-10 Red Crystals.
Degree 6-20 Red Crystals.
Degree 7-3 yellow crystals.
Always obtain your devices to face the employer in order to enhance your possibilities of defeating the Lord of Darkness.

Arts and crafts.

Crafts are an essential component for acquiring much better devices in Soda Dungeon 2. You will fulfill various objects in the dungeons, however the very best equipment will certainly be obtained from blacksmiths and their enhancements.


We suggest that you develop the sorcerer’s hut asap.
This structure will enable you to relocate to the control factors in the dungeon, so you will not have to send your team to the dungeon, over and over, and also to defeat them.
You can most likely to a later section and improve loot.
You will likewise desire to focus on upgrading your pub, especially when you have accessibility to beds.
By enhancing the pub, you can bring in extra travelers, and you can recruit more interesting personalities in your team.
So constantly put in the time to develop your pub as well as maintain the circulation of travelers arriving.
You can build them at the Carpenter Store which is opened after the purchase of the Hammering Ale.

This overview is for you if you are trying to go into Soda Dungeon 2 however the game of the game is disconcerted.
Many points happen in this game you require to think as well as adhere to, however the fundamental principle is as adheres to: you recruit different characters and form them in groups, which you after that send on an objective with the purpose of beating the Lord
from the darkness.
Quite basic things there.
The intricacy comes from the personalities you incorporate, the aspects that you give them as well as the parameters that you can use throughout your buying.
So let’s begin:

The basics

You can have up to 6 characters in your group, and also we recommend that you always have 6 to make sure faster development.
If you are wanting to make use of sources, the most effective time to do so goes to Warp Degree 1, since it will certainly provide you one of the most loot by race.

Dynamic dimensions

As you advance in the measurements, you will face the Lord of Darkness at the end.
When you have actually defeated them, you can carry on to the dimension.
Part of your progress will certainly be reset when you leave the dimension in which you are.
You will lose your gold, your items, your resources as well as your soda.
Nonetheless, you will maintain your city buildings, other currencies and major improvements.
Before relocating on to the adhering to dimension, take into consideration doing the complying with points:
Sell off equipment at the blacksmith
Use as much cash as you can improve your building and your tavern
Pass the hinge on the magic fountain
Once you are ended up, go into eviction and also select the fault
Picking the best relic is essential to quicken your development, so we advise the following order:
Assault > Health > MANA > HP Regent > Significance > However, you intend to select the rest

Automatic fight settings

A big component of Soda Dungeon is to operate the game while you engage in other activities;
It is an extremely easy game.
You desire to make certain you have the ideal ready-to-use parameters when you send your group to their races and put your phone:
Conserve an essential to treat fairies-yes
Recover when team PVS are much less than-50%.
Heal when the group’s PM is much less than-30%.
Rise in AD gold-10%.
Possibility to select an unknown key without key-0%.
Make certain you check the Recovery Fairy, Perk Treat as well as Mine shaft boxes.
After a couple of examinations with these setups, you will have enough to buy supplies for your personalities.
We advise that you get the following with the cash you have accumulated:.
Hammering Ale.
Registered nurse Cola.
Loot beer.
Mystic Fizz.
These objects will certainly help you unlock classes in the future.

Structure your group.

The initial thing to recognize throughout the constitution of our group at the beginning of the video game is to see to it that your characters are all different courses.
This will assist each course development as well as gain exp.
You can divide right into more details teams that will assist you in different scenarios as soon as you have actually improved your courses.
At the beginning, you don’t have to worry about it.
Right here are the teams we suggest using for agriculture in the game and also employer battles:.

Agricultural building and construction.

  • Burglar woodworker.
  • Magical woodworker.


  • Nurse carpenter.
    When you start, equip this team with a recovery stone.
    These things will enable your group to treat each various other as well as help them perform the goal promptly, to the employer.

It sets you back just 1 MP, so it’s worth the acquisition.
A silver locket can also help to heal.
These can be made at the blacksmith.
This building and construction will certainly last you to the surroundings of dimension 7-8, when you will probably need to start trying out the personalities and also the objects.

Manager Construction.

  • Registered nurse.
  • Nurse woodworker.
  • Mystical woodworker.
    Furnish this group of objects such as skull blades and contaminated edges, which will damage an employer gradually.
    This group will help with bosses for the majority of the initial stage of the game.
    This construction will last a specific time yet can have problems in dimensions 6, 8, 9 or 10.

Leveling equipment.