Baldurs Gate 3 Update 9. News, Changes And More.

The Game Awards 2022 served a stage for the presentation of the new Balder’s Gate Trailer 3. The Role title of Marian Studios, which is currently in an early access phe, showed two legendary characters of the clsic games.
In addition to the return of Minsk and Sahara, the developer announced that she would reveal all the information about patch 9 on the FROM HELL panel: Holy Knight, which h just finished.

During streaming retransmission, Marian h brought to light the name of the actor that will play Minsk in this third installment.
Jim Cummings, who gave voice to the character in Video Jugs de Bioware, will not resume his role, because the chosen one h been Matthew Mercer (Dragon Age: Absolute, Overwatch 2, Marvel’s Midnight Suns).
Balder’s Gate 3 patch will allow to climb to level 5 and add a renewed system of reactions, all implemented after analyzing the community feedback.
if that were not enough, we can choose the Paladin cls, always aligned with the side of the good.
He h already opted for the oath of devotion or that of the ancestors, the ultimate goal will be to act with justice.
Otherwise, they will explore a more gray subcls, that of the breakage.

News of the Balder’s Gate 3 patch 9

New Cls: Paladin

Poring a noble spirit and with burning veneration, the Paladin cls is characterized by being able to make devtating combos in combat while providing protection and healing to the rest of the team members when necessary.
Two subclses:
Oath of devotion: preaching with the ideal of the gentleman of brilliant armor, these paladins will act with honor and virtue to protect the weak and seek the greatest good.
Sacred Representation: invokes the power of your oath to grant an ally a vindictive aura that does 1D4 radiant damage to any enemy that hit you with a melee attack.
Oath of the ancestors: the paladins who walk this path fight with the eternal battle between light and darkness always in mind, swearing to preserve the holiness of life and the beauty of nature.
Radiant cure: invokes the power of your oath to let nature cure all nearby allies.


  • Divine roof: When using a melee attack, you can choose to use a spell slot to do radiant damage to your goal apart from the damage your weapon will cause.
    Hidden subcls: Break
    Paladins who deviate from their sacred oaths become breaks, and come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
    Hug your newly discovered powers for good or evil, or the path of redemption begins.

Level 5

Players can now rise to level 5-this entails a significant incree in power for all clses, and gives access to third level spells, such fireball, to those clses with spelling skills.

renewed reactions system

Reactions are a unique combat action that can be activated in several circumstances in combat-for example, an enemy in melee rank that is fleeing can activate an opportunity attack.
Players can now choose whether to use a reaction, or not use it, when a reaction is activated, thus allowing a more strategic fight.

To fly

The flying spell can be used inside and out of combat to do exactly that-fly.
Spread your wings and fly to reach treures that would otherwise be unattainable, or fly to get out of the range of your enemies.
Balder’s Gate 3 already h a launch window.
If everything follows planned, the video game will leave the Early Access in August 2023. In this news you can take a look at the collector edition announced in The Game Awards.