Witcher 3: Triss Merigold Quest Guide

Tries Marigold is one of the romantic options available for Gerald in The Witcher 3, and you can start his series of missions when you arrive at NORAD.
Here we will provide a complete tour of everything you need to do to complete the Tries Marigold Missions series in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 Tries Marigold Quest tutorial

To begin your series of missions, start completing the various missions of the main story in NORAD to Count Reuben.
After finishing this, Tries will tell Gerald that he has a favor to ask for him and that he can find out more visiting her at home.
Tries will inform you of his plan to get all the magicians who currently reside in NORAD out of the city, and that his next evacuation objective is the son of Lady Vellum.
This will unlock the secondary mission a matter of life or death, which is a small fun mission that requires that you buy elegant clothing and a fox mask so that you and Tries can enter the dance of Mascaras de Vegelbuds.
During the course of this mission, Tries will get drunk and take Gerald to a labyrinth of hedges.

Keep in mind that if you want to have a romance with Tries, you must select the option to kiss her when you are inside the maze.
If not, feel free to choose the other option and the search will also continue.
When completing a matter of life or death, Tries will mention that it is almost time for him to start his plan and take out the NORAD magicians.
This will unlock its final secondary mission, entitled now or never.
Well, now this is dramatic!
When you visit Tries at the beginning of this mission, you will have the option to help her with the evacuation of the magicians or get away.
You don’t have to say that if you want to fall in love or if you want to help magicians, be sure to choose the option in which Gerald offers her services.
Tries will then present a dilemma: you can search Anise and Bert hold, or go to Kingfisher Inn to guarantee the security of the rest of the magicians.
Regardless of the option you choose, you will end up in Kingfisher Inn, where Tries tries to strengthen the trust of his classmates.
After that, Tries and you will have to clear the sewers to forge a safe path to follow the magicians.
You will also find a katakana near the end of the sewers.
After taking care of him, you will be close to the end of the secondary mission, and you will have to make a very important decision.
Tries will get the magicians to go up to the ship to Over and inform Gerald of his intentions to join them.
At this point, you can say goodbye to her or ask her to stay.
If you say goodbye (heartless person), Tries will go up to the ship and that will be the end.
If you ask you to stay, this will open another set of dialogue options.
Whether you tell her to leave and miss her, or if you say that you can give your relationship another chance, or even if you say the magical words of you, Tries will go up to the ship anyway.
After Tries leaves, Dijkstra begins to sympathize with Gerald and tells him a story of how he was rejected in the past.


Everything seems quite desperate.
That said, if you kissed Tries in the mask dance and told her that you loved her before climbing the ship, Dijkstra will pause during her story and tell you to give you the turn.
And hey, what do you know, Tries will have changed my mind and down the ship to stay with you!
If you make Tries change their minds, both will enjoy a romantic moment in the lighthouse, and she will become Gerald’s girlfriend.
Now everything you have to do so that the relationship continues to work without problems is to resist the charms of a certain black hair sorceress.
That should give everything you need to know to complete the Tries Marigold Missions series in The Witcher 3. For more useful guides, Wiki and read our review if you have not yet done so.