5 Things You Need To Know About Hades II

A blog post going over 5 things that we know so far about Hades II. Learn about the new characters, changes to combat, and some story details!

In Greek folklore, Melanie is the daughter of Zeus and Persephone, with Zeus looking like Hades to trick Persephone into sleeping with him. We’ll keep in mind that Agrees had a comparable origin in Greek mythology, and Supergiant decided to alter Agrees into being a true kid of Hades and Persephone to avoid the sexual assault elements of Greek folklore.

More information about Hades II’s Early Gain access to will be launched in 2023.


The main description for Hades II reads: Hades II is a direct follow-up, set in and around the Underworld of Greek misconception after the events of the initial video game. Chronic, the Titan of Time and the wicked dad of Hades and his bros, has actually left his imprisonment in the depths of the Underworld to wage war on Olympus. Can Time itself be stopped?

After a surprise reveal at The Video game Awards earlier this week, Supergiant Games offered some extra info about Hades II and how it will tie into the initial smash struck Hades. While the very first Hades video game saw Agrees trying to get away the Underworld, the brand-new video game will send out Melanie into the Underworld to fight Chronic, the father of Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon.

Supergiant likewise confirmed that Hades II would be a single-player game, so don’t expect a co-op mode featuring Agrees.

While Hades II is a direct follow-up to Hades, players will not require having actually played the original game or understand Greek mythology. However, players who have actually played Hades ought to still find plenty to enjoy and check out from the first game.