Tekken 8 is exposed through gameplay images throughout the Video game Awards 2022

The new opus of the famous fighting video game of Banzai NAMC was exposed a little more on the night of December 8 to 9 throughout the Game Awards 2022. In a one-minute video, we discover the very first gameplay pictures of the video game revealed in September
Last, interspersed with kinematics of the iconic Solo fashion.

Fans will then find Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King or Jack-8, obviously without forgetting the spectacular conflict between Jin Mazama and Kahuna Minima.
28 years to the day after the Game release of the very first Taken, NAMC exposed the first pictures of gameplay of the 8th opus throughout the Game Awards 2022. Declared last September through a first trailer, Taken 8 is more kindly revealed through
Another one-minute video.
We then discover images alternating gameplay and kinematic on Jin’s voice searching for damage to his competing Kahuna.

Taken 8-Bande-Annonce Game Awards 2022

Images that slowly confirm the guarantees of Mutsuhito Hard, executive producer and director of the game regarding the very first and background animations.
NAMC assures that these images will be accompanied by a new gameplay centered on more aggressive methods.
A DNA that would stay present, however would be renewed by vibrant and destructible environments as well as ultra-impactful blows.
The latter show up in the trailer with the mechanics of Heat System which makes it possible to trigger more aggressive attacks through unique blows and improvements in the capacities of each of the contenders.
A casting of combatants also a bit more revealed throughout the video.
We see mythical characters there working shamelessly, in Lapel Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, Lars Alexanders son and Jack-8.
Contributed to these mountains of muscles and testosterone the renowned duo Kahuna Minima and Jin Mazama.
The 2 rivals will again saffron in the solo mode of the eighth episode of the legend.
Realistically, Taken 8 resumes where Taken 7 was detained in 2017, in a world trained in a war between Jin and Kahuna.
After the latter’s defeat, Jin must affront his destiny and sees the return of his mom, Jun, who will try to return the scenario in this family tree of line.
Taken 8 is announced and prepared for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC by means of Steam.
Only downside, if the images and the very first info will fill the fans, no date has been revealed.


If the video game still seemed to be in its beginnings of development when it was announced in September, Banzai NAMC might challenge the TAKEN 8 in June 2023 in order to combat with its Japanese competitor: Street Fighter 6.