World Cup 2022 – After attacks versus Daniel Siebert FIFA examined versus Uruguay

Uruguay’s football repel need to fear a violent penalty between FIFA after their attacks versus the German World Cup referee Daniel Sievert (Berlin).
The Disciplinary Commission of the World Association has actually examined the association of the two-time world champ.

It is about violations of the fair play, insulting behavior, misconduct of players and authorities in addition to discrimination. The professional Jose Maria Giménez, Edison Havana, Fernando Muster and Diego Odin need to likewise be accountable.
Sievert had been greatly taken on by the South Americans after the World Cup.


Uruguay had missed out on the round of 16 in spite of the 2-0 (2-0) in the group final versus Ghana.
The team of Captain Luis Suárez was missing out on an objective.
Due to the fact that he had denied them a penalty, the Uruguayans Sievert blamed for this.
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