How comforting everte in pokemon scarlata and purple

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple has a massive collection of stones that serve different purposes in the game. One of those stones, in particular, is Ever stone, which prevents Pokemon from evolving when the creature holds it. At this point, you might think, what is the point of preventing Pokemon from evolving? Well, if this query comes to mind, then you will have to continue reading this article to know the applications of Ever st1. First, let’s start with where you can get Ever stone in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Where to find Ever stone in Scarlet and Purple Pokemon

The only way to get Ever stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is for buying it in the Deli bird Present store for 3000 Premolar. Players can go to any branch of the current store to buy this antievolutive stone.

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However, unlike other evolution stones that require six badges, Ever stone is available in the store just after the start of the game. After addressing the gift store, go to the general items to buy Ever stone.

uses and effects of Ever stone

The only use of Ever stone in the game is to guarantee a certain nature of the Pokemon child. If you did not know, the natures are randomly selected for the Pokemon in scarlet and purple Pokemon. However, if you make the Pokemon Father have an eternal stone, then there is a great probability that the Pokemon born inherits the exact nature.

To make your Pokemon hold Ever stone, press X on your Nintendo Switch and then select the Pokemon with button A. Finally ask the creature to hold the article.

The description in the game of the Ever stone states:

An object to be sustained by a Pokemon. A Pokemon that has this peculiar stone cannot evolve.

That is all you need to know about obtaining an eternal stone in scarlet and purple Pokemon. To get more guides, tips and tricks useful for the game, consult the rest of our scarlet and purple Pokemon content. We have a wide range of knowledge that can help him on his trip through Pale, for example, how to evolve Shrewdly to Graffiti and how to evolve Little to Empathy.


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