Samurai Shodown will receive Netcode in spring of 2023

With the tweet on these lines, SNK has confirmed that Samurai Showdown will receive Rollback Net code in its online games on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and PC, both in the Steam version and in the Epic Games Store.

At the moment, this implementation ahead of Delay-Based Input (the usual system used in online games) is planned to launch in all these systems for spring of 2023 as reports Gets, although the editor itself confirms that they will enable an open beta to put the new system to the test in January. We only know that it can be given a PC through Steam, in the absence of knowing more details that will be updated over time.

The usual system, this delay-base input, synchronizes the games of both users delaying a few photograms so that the results are precise regarding the actions they want to perform, but with the paste that the latency between the button pulsation is increased and the execution of the movements. Rollback net code, on the other hand, is a characteristic that actively reduces that latency between both actions by predicting the movements that both are going to perform to anticipate them and that occur more quickly, although in the event that this prediction did not be right for adequate animation.

This system, thought precisely to reduce the input LAG, has already been implemented in other fighting games such as Dragon Ball Fighter, and above all is designed for the most expert players by converting experience into something even more precise and Try Hard to all The levels, a difference that at the lowest levels of its competitive would not have to be totally differential.


Although there should not have too many problems in the consoles versions, this characteristic can ask for some somewhat higher PC specifications than when using the delay-based input, but it seems clear that we will not take long to know them taking into account how close the close that remains Steam beta.