Sorrowful communication and project

  • Topic: Joy and Sorrow of Communication: Nevertheless-Verid Stars Creator

  • Lecture: Jin Seung-ho-Line Games Director

  • Field: Communication, game development

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 17:00 ~ 17:50

  • Summary: I was able to hear how the flowers and Beria stars were born in failure and frustration. Director Jin Senghor has created a game called Verdi Stars in concerns about his own experience and the difficult task of communication.

■ The Some found in the nightmare-like experience -Development team cleanup and SNS

Line Games Director-If you look at the title, it seems to have achieved good results by stepping on the elite course. However, Director Jin Senghor had a unique experience of bringing a lot of things in his past failure and his hard work.

The game called the gray city was not good, and the project had to be canceled without the team members, and had to face the development team. It was said that the whole world felt as if the whole world only talked about Jin Senghor’s failure, with various reactions to the family who heard the news through the articles. Jin Senghor, who looked back on the period, said, I experienced all kinds of thrills.

And Jin Senghor started a new project, saying he wanted to create a game that deals with SNS. There is a thriller with a shot that finds the culprit, and he started as a new Largo from Nextflow (Line Games).

■ Not easy departure -Development to commercialization

At first, everything was not easy. From building the title of the game to setting the game environment and selecting the engine, I had to decide according to the current situation. As the game lacked 3D environmental experience, I had to plan to match it as a 2D character in a 3D environment with 2.5D. It was also not easy for character workers and planners. Instead of the experience of the company’s own engine, I had to set a game engine with an Mini engine and started again.


There were several trials and errors to decide on the game. The initial game initiative had to be disposed of as it was said that the introduction was similar to Never Webtoon. I had to find a new topic while maintaining SNS handling, and I was able to match the puzzles of the story composition of the audition survival program, the year-end awards murder, and the setting that there was no agency to protect the entertainer.

The commercialization process was not smooth. The initial game title was Arid Alive, but it was deliberated due to the word live burial. While looking for a lot of alternatives, I changed it to Verdi Stars. The business model was not clear, but the console game was able to look at the options. Although I can’t beat the AAA game, I made a choice to change the route to PS4-PS Vita with the intention of building a rare development history.

Verdi Stars has entered a unique path from the genre. It was decided as a communication survival adventure. The unique genre was first encountered while taking care of SNS and emphasizing communication. The game deals with the difficulties of the communication that Director Jin Senghor has experienced as the key relationship between the protagonist and other characters.

It also spent a lot of time setting up mental relationships between characters. Since mental and character’s psychology is related to SNS activities, it has been a lot of time for SNS timeline work. There were about 240 keywords of the game, 5 conversational figures, and 750 keyword conversations. In all dialogue, the point of mentioning a certain clue was in a thorough situation that should not be wrong.

■ The joy and sadness of communication -N though we must communicate

Director Jin Senghor reflected the sorrow of his communication in the game. The protagonist was not easy to talk from the first episode and had a tragic ending. In the game content, the internal people feel anxious and shaken in the external SNS article. The protagonist Han Doyen was a character who was stigmatized when he founded an indie band and debuted as an idol. Han Doyen also changes his attitude and tries to communicate with others. This came from the idea of Jin Senghor’s communication.

Jin Senghor was sad because of the reality of communication and the gap between the communication. I also had a regret to communicate with my team as a director, and I melted this in the game. Jin Senghor also confessed, When someone pointed out the fault of a specific person, I often leaned on such words. The reality was often shrinking in an unwanted direction, and in most cases, communication was neatly heading in the core direction. Nevertheless, you should try to see the truth of others. That is, in the end, it becomes the joy of communication and can continue to try.

Verdi Stars has also succeeded in many steps. Verdi Stars also knocked on the door as Unity Indie games were switched a lot. As we aimed to launch a global launch, we had to distinguish between explosive metabolism and accounts, and mixed the appropriate level of ‘memes’. There was also a serious corona-19, so it was not easy to dub with overseas companies.

Through this process, he was able to enter the international electronics shopping mall, the sacred place of the console. Although it was a minor genre, it was able to sell successfully with various attempts of business managers. I had to greet the user for not knowing the reaction and thank you to the user. Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch was officially released, and there was a lot of response, and won the Excellence Award and the Technology Creative Award.

So the project called Verdi Stars was successfully completed. When a project is finished, a lot of tired. Some people left the team and went on a new path. Director Jin Senghor also thought it was hard at the end of the project, but he said he wanted to do a new challenge again. This was also similar to the process of communication where sadness and joy coexist.