Seal IP notification, play with G -Star 2022 B2B booth operation

Play will operate the G-Star 2022 B2B booth from BEX CO, Susan from the 17th.

The B2B booth consists of a seal IP theme. You can see the seal NFT video, and you can see the Seal M currently being serviced and the next film seal universe (tentative name).

Play will investigate the marketing trends that follow the global launch through this G-Star participation and meet with several partners through biz matching. In particular, biz-matching is also related to blockchain ecosystem PLW expansion and alliance partnerships.

Play is currently serving Mobile Game Seal M in Taiwan with Played Games, and is launched in Southeast Asia in the first half of next year. Korean services are also being coordinated.

In addition, the company conducted an internal test inside the Seal Universe (tentative name) in early November and is developing next year. Next, we cooperate with partners to revitalize various businesses such as blockchain ecosystem PLW and seal IP.

In this G-Star, Play will be a place to prepare a variety of partnerships for various projects related to the 23-year business, as well as preliminary work for game release.