[Interview] Near switch transplant, Virtuus, which seemed to be impossible, was possible

Virtues, a global video game development and 3D art content production company, participated in G-Star 2022, which will be held in Susan from today (17th) to 20th. Virtues is a production company that discovers talented people in art, engineering and game design, provides the best technology and tools, and supports future game creators to collaborate with the best game companies.

Virtues is currently offering joint development and engineering services, complete level designs, new gameplay and additional core game play, and is working to inspire new life to the existing title with the latest classic title with the latest platform. Typical titles known for Bureaus include ‘Shadow of Tomb Raider’, ‘Dark Soul Remaster’, ‘Horizon Zero Dunn’, and ‘During Light’ and ‘Near Automata’.

On the 17th, I was able to meet Philip Angel, who is in charge of Virtual’s game business at the booth of Virtues in the G-Star BTB exhibition market. Philip Angel, as well as the Western region, has been increasing the needs for consoles and multi-platform games in the Korean game market, and that many developers and executives gather more opportunities at G-Star.

Q. I think it’s the first time to meet in person after an interview in June. Is this the first time to visit Korea?

= This is the first time this year. Before Corona, more than twice a year visits Korea. We are visiting many times to understand the Korean market closer and to be more careful about what the client really wants.

Q. What is the most notable area of Virtues in the Korean market?

Starting with Pearl Abyss and Shift-up, which is currently developing PS5-based games, many Korean game developers are interested in console platforms and multi-platforms. One of the most necessary competencies is the transplant technology, and Virtues has a significant experience and know-how. By creating a PC version of the customer, Virtues can support transplantation from Xbox to PS, Nintendo Switch, and even VR versions.

Q. I wonder what kind of work has been involved since June and what can be introduced.

= The most recent work is Nintendo Switch Porting version of Near Automata. Near Stomata’s switch version was also highly rated from meta critics and was well received enough to sell more than 1 million copies. Since the original is the PS4 title that draws the open world, it was very difficult to port to the switch platform, but it also made good results such as making and making a switch plate-only costume.

In addition, more than half of the machine monsters appearing in Horizon Forbidden West. The two tribes in the main character’s costumes and games are also Virtual’ work.

League of Legends also participated in champions and skins. If you have seven champion’s concepts and sketches and deliver them to Riot Games, you will work all the approval from start to finish. In addition, the company is collaborating with various large companies in Korea. The demand for game development is increasing, and at the same time, the tendency to prefer a beautiful game is increasing. At this time, the strength of the Virtues is the power to stably operate a large team that can support the necessary personnel.

Q. I couldn’t imagine that ‘Near Automata’ could be transplanted on the switch platform. Was there anything difficult to work?

= I thought everyone would be impossible. I thought it was not easy inside, and I started working on the work after saying, ‘Let’s proceed with the pilot for three months.’ But when I actually worked, I could see that it was never an impossible task.

In switch transplantation, graphics and engine optimization were carried out, which simplified unnecessary expressions and optimized in various ways, and eventually completed high completion. In the last TGS, I was able to meet the director of Yoko Taro in the Near Series and told me that I was satisfied with the completion of the transplant. Similar examples include the Nintendo Switch Transplantation of ‘During Light’, which was launched in 2021.

Q. Recently, the second Virtues Labs was founded in the Montpellier region, France. I wonder what’s exactly what Raps are doing and the influence of Raps in Korea.

The Virtues Raps is an engineering studio that currently has multiple large projects at the same time, and is mainly working to create a new tool for optimization. Currently, the project is being carried out in various Asian markets at the same time, and it is expected that the project can be carried out in Korea if the language problem is solved by hiring a producer or art director who uses Korean.

Q. What is the desired goal to achieve through this G-Star BTB booth exhibition?

It is interesting to participate in G-Star every year. Every year, the scale is growing, so we are watching with interest. In G-Star, you can meet new developers every time, and it is an opportunity to see what they want to show and what they are preparing. Looking at the trend of the Korean market at a glance, I would like to use it as a good window to communicate directly.

Q. At the last press conference, I showed a positive eye on the ‘meths’ keyword. The recent uncertainty of Megabus is emerging as the stock price of Meta has fallen significantly, and I wonder if there is a change in the perspective.

I think that the reasons for the evaluation of meth uses are because most meths content is not visually beautiful. Most of them stay at the level of online meetings or card games, so users are not interested in the users, and only the unfortunate parts are noticeable.

Meta is currently preparing a new VR hardware, and I think that if you continue to create quality content using the device, your activity will be greatly different. The best place to make use of this is the game company. There is a big difference between games that simply utilize meth uses and meth uses on the platform, and I think there is enough potential.

Q. Is there a change in changes that can be felt, such as the decrease in the request for development of meta bus content by companies?

= Crypto companies are still receiving a lot of requests, but most of them are rejected. The reason is that I really want to collaborate with those who want to make games. The keyword of meths is a trend, so there are many cases of investing without asking, which is very dangerous. I think investing without sufficient understanding is a part that should be avoided.

Q. I am curious about the small-scale roadmap in 2022 and the approximate roadmap in 2023.


= This year alone, it has grown 30%in both games and art, and I think it was a very successful year as a company. This year, we established a small studio in San Francisco, but next year, we will strategically acquire. This is to provide clients with a closer and more integrated service.

Interest in the Asian market will continue. I would like to continue to grow global business by entering the area where good talents and educational facilities are equipped, like Malaysia.

Q. What message do you want to convey to many Korean developers who want to release their games as a console and multi-platform?

= Korean culture is very popular in the Western region. Starting with electronics companies such as Samsung and LG, Korean TV shows and music have become a trend. However, despite this popularity, toxic games are not known in the Western market.

As it is not known much, I think Korean games have so many opportunities. There are certain parts that must be tailored to global specifications such as BM, but there is a possibility that Korean games and gaming itself will work in the Western market. I think that if you just move these charms to the console, you will be able to achieve great success in the global world. When Korean game developers want to enter the western market as a console game, Virtues will be able to help in the necessary parts.