Final fantasy xiv

CSGO: Boca Juniors was stronger than Velox in the Semifinal of Unity League to ensure its pass

The battle for a survival pass within the Unity League that can give the opportunity to continue in the competition and be able to reach the final phase of the tournament, after meeting the first finalist the day before, now we will have to see who the team will be that in front of River Plate for the pass to the battle that will decide the champion of this edition of the tournament with a confrontation between Boca Juniors Gaming against Ve lox only one can take the glory.


Starting on a Nuke map that would be too even because both teams put rounds for each side without giving a minimum advantage, the situation seemed very intense thanks to the skill deployments that gave 648 to lower the life of the rivals to zero with What would be the opening of being able to get the final rounds that give them the advantage to have the first point in the series.

During the second scenario we have hell that began similarly to the above but the team that showed a little more courage in the pressure would be vaulted to be able to take several points to the thread along with the Alexanders bullets that fall into the right places to be able to Leave the opponents behind putting the favorable situation for the blue team that manages to tie the series.

Going to the decisive encounter we see a Dust2 that becomes very different from what has the live Number of shots at the brutal head that gives them the understanding that this selection would be for them and with which they would end the series in their favor.

He closes this stage with the Boca Juniors Gaming team as the absolute winner of the match to get the battle with River Plate, a classic that will be lived inside the lower bracket to know who will be the second finalist of this edition of this edition of this edition of Unity League where we have seen a lot of intense games, but we will have to wait a week for this duel.