Pokemon GO now provides you a box and nerft too strong Zorua

In Pokémon Go there were problems with the type converter Zora. Now the designers reported to this-and distribute a couple of products.

The main Pokémon GO account reported on November 15, 2022, by means of Twitter and announced that a few modifications to Zora are pending (by means of Twitter).

The Pokémon was released on October 25, but brought a few problems with his debut. You can learn more about that below. Now the following occurs:

  • Inaccurate statistics and attacks at Zora are upgraded
  • Not transformed Zora, from gizmos like the Go Plus, are now being taken into their actual form
  • You ought to now utilize Zora in the go-Kampfiga, exchange and transfer it to Pokémon House

A complimentary box in the store is likewise released as reparation. In it, you will discover a total of 22 products:

Note: The box seems to be presented gradually and could show up earlier for some coaches than with others. Don’t be surprised if she is not there yet and, if in doubt, restart the game.

Scroll under the attire in the store to where you can usually pick up the everyday totally free box. At this point you can now find the new totally free box.

  • 20 Poke Balls
  • 1-star piece
  • 1 lock module

What was going on at Zora in Pokémon Go?

This happened: Ni antic had actually developed a unique surprise event for the release of the form converter-Pokémon Zora.


Due to the fact that of this mistake, the event did not even happen in this country and the release was postponed-to October 28th. Now Zora could just appear in the wilderness and mimic a buddy there.

In this way, coach Zora had the ability to get high values and strong attacks-this is now being corrected.

Due to this mistake, the Go Plus and other Bluetooth-catch gadgets were deactivated and later activated.

There was a 2nd mistake: if coach Zora captured with gadgets like the Go Plus, it just stayed in the mimicked form and did not turn into its real shape. Obviously, this was particularly amusing if you had legendary beasts with you as a friend and unexpectedly might reproduce super-self-self beast.

According to Ni antic, these transformed Zora should now also be put into its actual kind.

The plan: Throughout the ramp lighting lesson with Puppet, you need to bring your pal with you and then suddenly find numerous spawns of this monster for a couple of minutes. If you had a Pikachu as a friend, the wilderness ought to fill with Pikachu, which must then turn out to be a Zora at the catch.

At least that’s how the event was believed. However, in early time zones such as New Zealand, the mistake resulted from the fact that Zora took control of the values such as size, WP and attacks of the imitated Pokémon.

What do you think about the reparation? And could you catch a Zora? Tell us in the comments!

The Pokémon was released on October 25, but brought a couple of issues with his debut. Now the following happens:

What do you believe of the reparation? And could you capture a Zora? Inform us in the comments!