Gothic Horror ADV Rina and Nightmare Hall announced, STEAM, etc. to 2023. A dangerous girls dangerous escape drama

On November 13, the domestic game production circle Zephyr studio announced the Reinna and Nightmare Hall. The compatible platform is PC (Steam/Despite) and will be released in 2023. The Steam and DL site store pages have been released to the presentation.

Reinna and Nightmare Hall are a horizontal scroll Gothic horror adventure game aiming to escape from the nightmare Western-style building. The stage of this work is in a Western-style building wandering. The main character, Reinna, is a bad girl. When Rena woke up one day, she was in a mysterious Western-style building. The eerie monsters are wandering around the hall and attacks Ring. On the other hand, Ring does not know why she was attacked by a monster or if she was in the hall. The fate of a girl tied to a nightmare hall is drawn.

The main character, Ring overnight, will continue to explore the Western-style building while escaping from a strange monster. As you can see in the video, there are several variant monsters in the hall where Ring came. According to the material, some monsters say that they will follow Ring, and Ring sometimes hides in the shade and goes over the monsters, and seems to go ahead. Many items such as ropes are waiting in the nightmare hall. Some of the things that Rena look at, there are things that die instantly, and the escape drama next to the danger will be developed.

As an element, multi-ending is adopted in this work. Normal ends and True Ends, a number of bad ends, depicts various ends of girls. The inside of the hall is full of danger and fear, but the main character, Ring, is also characterized by cute patterns.

Zephyr studio, who is working on this work, is a game production circle by AOI Into in Japan. As a past work, Mon Museum Guru Delta was released in 2021. In this work, the development of a cute monster girl was basically depicted with a break-down, while suppressing the difficulty. In the Steam user review of the same work, the status was very popular with 51 96 % popularity. According to AOI Into’s tweet, the total sales of 10,000 copies the other day. Although the genre is different in this work Ring and Nightmare Hall, it seems that you can expect cute expressions.

Mr. Tsukinose, an illustrator, is in charge of the illustration of this work. Ruins overnight is Tsukinose’s original character, and illustrations have been published on the Internet. It is said that the development of this work is that the developer AOI Into is a fan of the illustration of Tsukinose, and wants to have a game using the world view.

Reinna and Nightmare Museum will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam/Despite). Both store pages are released according to the announcement. In this work, crowdfunding on CI-EN will be carried out with the aim of improving quality.