The primitive peoples heavenly creation shims are now available/OW2 new hero show/Sukuenis life sim Harvester Play Reff

From November 4, 2022 (Fri) to November 10, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spain . It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place- Overwatch 2 new hero unveiled


Blizzard Entertainment has announced on the official Twitter that the new hero of the popular hero shooter Overwatch 2 will be released within the official tournament OVERWATCH LEAGUE GRAND FINALS 2022 distribution.

And the new tank hero Sumatra has been announced. At this time, detailed abilities and play styles have not been revealed, but the original story video released at the same time as the announcement can confirm the background of Sumatra. Sumatra is scheduled to participate in Season 2, which will start on December 7.

Finally, a new hero! Scheduled to be unveiled within the distribution of Overwatch 2 official tournament OVERWATCH LEAGUE GRAND FINALS 2022

4th place-Base Construction Strategy FM: The First Men early access started

FM: THE FIRST MEN is a strategy simulation game that experiences the history of hardship during the creation of humanity. Players build their own base while nurturing characters with various attributes and skills, and explores mysterious worlds such as snow fields and dragons. The battle is in real time, and it seems that it is necessary to face the combat with the oak group, the flock of wolves, and the ghouls.

Early access is estimated for about two years, and roadmaps are also being released. In the full version, we plan to add battles between players, and prices will gradually increase in the future.

Early access starting at Steam FM: The First Men Start-Experience the hardships of humanity

3rd place-Development period 9 years Metroidvania GHOST SONG release

On November 4, 2022, developers Old Moon and Publisher Humble Games have launched a 2D action adventure Ghost Song . This work is a metroidvanian work that aims to solve the secrets that were buried long ago, exploring the desolate satellite Dorian and fighting strange creatures. Inspired by past metroidvania works, 2D worlds that have a large amount of secret rooms are hidden, and explore and obtain weapons and skills to strengthen themselves to explore new areas. It is characterized by game play heading for.

As the first large-scale project to be developed alone, this work, which started the Kickstarter campaign in 2013, gathered $54,007 a month later and ended the campaign. However, in the latter half of 2017, it was rebuilt with a new game engine, as we wanted to make it a work that we could be proud of, even over time, with problems that were difficult to solve in terms of performance and design.

Developer MATT WHITE apologized in a post on October 31, 2022, that some elements became unreasonable due to long-term developments and the sweetness of the initial outlook. He has not imagined that it will be developing for more than nine years, but in a sense, he has been grateful to the supporters that he has finally worked. GHOST SONG is distributed for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch. It is also included in the compatible titles of Humble Games Collection and Xbox / PC Game Pass.

The release of the Metroidvania GHOST SONG, which travels for strange satellites! A work that has been developing for 9 years with the aim of a compromise without a compromise has finally appeared

2nd place- Freshly picked! Today’s Steam Featured Game [November 4, 2022]

freshly picked! Today’s Steam Featured Game introduces Steam’s hottest titles from Monday to Friday.

November 4, 2022, established the Cult Norton, a survival horror ETERNAL EVIL, which is developed by stories in a dark atmosphere colored by blood, and a horror for two Malaysian co-op play set in Japan. Introducing the simulation game HONEY, I JOINED A Cult.

Dark Bio-style survival horror official release-freshly collected! Today’s Steam’s Featured Game 9 Selections [November 4, 2022]

1st place-Sukueni’s new work Life RPG Harvester play report

Harvester is a life simulation RPG that adventures in dungeons around the world while handling farm work and craft in a village located in the frontier of the fantasy world. One season changes in 30 days, and at the same time, the abnormal phenomenon death season that kills life comes. Players make money by raising agriculture, livestock breeding, cooking, crafts, etc., and searching for dungeons to battle.

In this article, we introduce a part of such a slow life. We carefully introduce the state of Late’s Village, which is the beginning of the adventure, the content of agricultural work, and the important pillars that make up this work as well as living elements. Harvester is being distributed for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch.

You don’t have to do everything in a day. What is Slow Life drawn by Sudden in the life RPG Harvester

The most read this week was the article of Harvester play repo! In the Nintendo Switch version, a free trial version that can take over save data to the product version is also being distributed, so if you are worried, why not try playing it?