Lego of The Legend of Zelda reports that he will be stubbornly refused on the official user ideas recruitment site. By the mysterious license problem

The report on the Legend of the Zelda series and the user voting project of the block assembly toy Lego seems to be attracting attention. LEGO has a posting site that will be commercialized after voting based on Lego’s work created by users. However, according to reports, the site is currently refusing to accept ideas related to Zelda. Overseas media BRICK FANATICS and others report.

Lego’s blocks are blocks loved all over the world. Lego, which develops LEGO blocks, has implemented a LEGO IDEAS that recruits and realizes new product ideas from Lego fans. First, a user with a work idea posted a Lego work made with Lego blocks and 3D software on the official website. Users who want to commercialize it vote. Based on the popular project, Lego actually commercials it. Looking at the Lego Idea site, there are various user works. In addition to the original work, he also scatters user-posted works such as the movie Lion King and the game Ratchet & Crank. Collaboration planning proposals with such popular works are also gaining popularity.

In such posts, Lego works related to the Nintendo title are also scattered. You can check works related to Kirby no Kirby and Donkey Kong. The most prominent post is a post related to the Legend of Zelda series. It is widely sent from users, from works that reproduce Warlock of Zelda’s Legend of Breath of the Wild and work with the motif of the first Zelda’s Legend. Lego has been working with Nintendo for a long time to develop a collaboration product. The Legend of Zelda collaboration seems to be realized, and many fans will expect. However, LEGO Idea seems to have refused to post ideas related to Zelda’s Legend.


When actually posting a work to the Lego Idea, it is necessary to first enter whether the work is based on the existing intellectual property (Intellectual Property/IP). Currently, when you enter The Legend of Zelda, an error message appears as this IP-based post is not accepted. It is rejected for the License Conflict. Although it is not clear when this response began, it is considered that there have been a lot of changes recently because an idea post related to The Legend of Zelda has been seen until the end of last month.

Why did the idea of Zelda’s Legend suddenly refuse to be rejected? Lego-related media BRICK FANATICS states that there are two possibilities. First, the plan for the Legend of Zelda collaboration products is progressing between Nintendo and Lego, and it is possible that post-based posts have been rejected. If the project is actually progressing between the two, it is natural to stop the Zelda’s Legend related user ideas on the site, which may interfere with the project.

And the other is that the Legend of Zelda collaboration is progressing between another toy company and Nintendo. In that case, depending on the content of the contract, it is highly possible that the Legend of Zelda will not be able to commercialize with Lego. Therefore, the idea is that it has been rejected to posting ideas. BRICK FANATICS mentions that MEGA CONSTRUE, a company that develops another block toy, is currently collaborating with Pokémon. He pointed out that if you enter Pokémon on the idea posting screen, you will get the same error message as The Legend of Zelda.

In addition, on the idea registration screen, an error occurs when you enter Super Mario in collaboration with Lego. However, the reason is not a license problem, but is written as Current 3rd-PARTY OVERLAP. It can be interpreted as an existing collaboration because there is already a similar product. It is interesting to see that this difference is the secret of the collaboration or the same situation as the Pokémon.

However, the above is just a guess, and only Lego knows the truth of rejection of the Zelda’s Legend idea. According to Brick Fanatics, the Legend of Zelda’s Legend has been a number of votes many times, but none have been commercialized. In any case, the future of commercialization of the Lego-related Lego work posted on the Lego idea would have become more uncertain.