Slay the Spire: Board Game, Korean Version Pre -order starts

Korea Board Games will be conducting a pre-order and crowdfunding of the Korean version of the Slay the Spire Board Game at the board game shopping mall Dive on the 9th. Collectors Editions can be ordered by 30 days.

Slay the Spy was released in 2017 as a team ahead of Steam, and it was very popular with the game’s gameplay that combines loglike and deck buildings. You can explore the spears by picking what you want from four characters with different features and strengths, and add the acquired cards to strengthen your deck.


Based on this, Slay the Spire: Board Game is produced in collaboration with Mega Great Games, which developed the original, and a composite game, a board game producer. In October, it was exhibited at the board game event Essen Spill in Germany, and began Kickstarter funding on November 2 and achieved the target amount on the day.

Unlike the original work, which only supported solo play, it is possible to cooperate with up to four people. The goal is to defeat the inner boss on the side, starting with a simple deck, completing the battle and events to collect the cards to develop the deck. If you die during the game, you start again from the beginning as with the original.

The game configuration includes four characters in the original, 730 cards, two map boards, one store board, and four player modes. In particular, 320 of the cards are both sides, and the strength is applied by overturning the card. This seems to reflect the original card strengthening.

Slay the Spire: Board Game Korean version is sold in three configurations in Dive Dice. The general edition and Now’s all-in edition will be funded for 400 sales, and the Collectors Edition will be in advance.