Rolled Cup winning experience team operated, T1 2022 Rolled Cup Final 1 set

The team that experienced the Rolled Cup was definitely different. On the 6th, in the 2022 Rolled Cup final held at the San Francisco Chase Center, the T1 was consistently waved with a wonderful operation and brought a set of victories.

The first set was fierce from Van pic as expected. Both teams consumed a van card one by cutting the Rise and Ash, which is the opponent’s joker pick, and in the pick, T1’s owner Moon Tae-hyun and DRX ‘Bell’ are the signature picks of the jungle lysine. Support Hi Muddier appeared.

The early jungle fight was much more intense than I thought. As the jungle of DRX was in the mid 2 reps, the Air of ‘Faker’ Lee Sang-hyuk was blinked, and to make up for this, T1’s ISIN skipped an enemy stone turtle with a counter jungle. However, the mark Hong Changchun soon got a preoccupation by catching the enemy air with a nice line and a clean calculation. As a result, in the bottom, the early days of the DRX, BYU Minsk, BYU Minsk, was balanced by catching enemy Sir with the sharp use of Renata’s sharp handshake.

Since then, the T1 has limited the benefits of the opponent and continued to have an uncomfortable balance for DRX. The moment DRX is trying to get the first dragon quickly using the mid-line leadership, ‘Kama Sushi’ Lee Minifying’s Bars stills the dragon with a ‘pierced arrow’, or even though he gave the DRX kill in the first messenger fight and grabbed the messenger. In many ways, DRX continued to feel bad. Even at the second time, the T1 ‘Owner’ Moon Tae-hyun ignored the DRX and ate a dragon and retreated neatly.

The cracks occurred around 17 minutes when the third dragon came out. The T1 was initially shaken by the messenger, and the second was shaken using Air’s passive. In order to make up for this, DRX hid in a three-way bush near the dragon and tried to surprise, but it was damaged when the enemy supporters and the core power of Kim Gun-woo, the core power, were exchanged. Eventually, the drx was used and pushed to one hit.


The T1 has been operating a solid operation with the advantage of the global gold, and in the meantime, the ‘sign’ Hong Changchun’s Vigo is solved by the enemy jungle, or ‘King’ Hwang Sung-hoon and ‘Jena’ Kim Gun-woo are caught in a small-scale war Little by little. The T1 quickly started to roll the game by eating sun baron in 21 minutes and securing more than 5,000 gold in Baron Play.

DRX later cut off the enemy and endured well, waiting for the Sir of Kim Ryukyu to have an item. He cut off the four dragons of the enemy once, and he had a minion while he was pushed down. However, it was not possible to prevent the T1, which had eaten Baron, finished the bottom suppressor and completed the soul. The T1 pressed the enemy with the Super Minion Wave three lines after a 300-year-old. The DRX, which pushed the twin towers, opened a shot of conversion. Eventually, the first set was taken by the T1, which showed a regular operation with super play.