Genshin Impact: The ideal team compositions for Nahida

Bahia is another arcane joining the gen shin impact . Much awaiting the community, the Summer protector arrived along with version 3.2 of the game as the new five stars Pedro and highlight of the November banner. Now Bahia is the new goal of many players, who are looking for the best builds and team compositions.


Due to its supreme and constellation, Bahia tends to have synergy with pros , Electron and Hydro . With a team formed by these elements, arcane can give and receive certain buffs. Characters pro and Electron intensify their elemental skill and hydro increases the duration of the supreme.

Elemental reactions are fundamental to the second constellation. If Bahia participates in reactions of flowering , nuclei will gain 20% critical rate and 100% critical damage. At acceleration , enemy defenses reduce by 30%.

Vendors can also be options validated by elemental resonance, if Bahia has an ally Pedro , the duo will trigger the green vine . This effect increases elemental proficiency by 50 points. It is still effective in combination with other elements, such as Pro , Hydro and Electron , which are already ideal for Bahia. In reactions of burn , acceleration and flowering , the elementary proficiency of all team characters is increased by 30 points for 6 seconds.

In reactions of intensification , propagation , overflowed and germination , the elemental proficiency of all characters in the team increased by 20 points for 6 seconds.

The best combinations of teams for Bahia

Option 1: CNO, Traveler (Pedro) and Kokomo

In this composition, CNO is the main DPS of the team, alongside Bahia, will have the acceleration reactions with Pedro and Bahia’s participation will decrease by 30% the defenses of enemies. The attacks will be intensified by Bahia’s elemental skill, which applies continuous damage for 20 seconds, its supreme reduces the interval of CNO and its elemental ability receives a bonus through the allay electron.

With two vendors , Bahia and traveler form the green vine, elemental resonance that increases the elemental proficiency by triggering the reactions of burn, acceleration (with CNO) and flowering (with Kokomo). Kokomo is the support that will give the necessary support for the team. In addition, the Pedro + Hydro will allow the reaction of flowering in enemies and will activate Bahia’s C2.

Option 2: Fiscal, Xingu and Bennett

For those who do not have the latest Electron , another valid option is Fiscal , the archer is an efficient DPS solution to accompany Bahia and will trigger almost the same reactions as CNO. Xingu also emerges as a secondary and replaces Kokomo in reactions Pedro + hydro . As one of Bahia’s disadvantages is on her low HP, a curator like Bennett can help support and still act more in the offensive, making a strong composition in damage.

Option 3: Disc, Elan and Kokomo

Here the damage Pedro outside the Bahia field is great for creating Pedro centers and will have sufficient Hydro damage on or off the field to apply or maintain reactions. Disc and Bahia take ahead. With the pro , Bahia’s elemental skill will receive buff and the duo will be able to perform burn reactions.

HELEN acts as secondary DPS in battles. She next to Kokomo , another Hydro , performs Hydro’s healing resonance, ideal for battles against pros . With Bahia it will be possible to trigger the flowering effect and activates the constellation of the arc once.

Other team options: