Aim for a lost city floating in the sky! Skateboard ACT Orio Rie World Released on PC/Console

PRIVATE DIVISION has distributed the second edition of the expansion content of the skateboard action Ohio Rolled developed by Roll7 for PC/console.

This work runs around the world of Romania using grind, tricks and air. In this expansion content, we aim for the lost capital, Rad antis, which floats in the sky, gathering cut ends in the five flow zone layers. It is said that while running in the wind at the height of the common sense, the fragments of the map are collected and the skating gods are lost to the lost route to the legendary island.

According to the Steam store page, the features of this extension are as follows.

Travel to Rad antis

A magnificent exploration begins with three brave people trying to reach Rad antis before the nemesis BB Hopper. Let’s get on the board now! Collect the cut ends of the map with the five flow zone layers and understand the true existence of the ancient city. Get all the fragments on the map and proceed to the last journey in Rad antis in the clouds.

A gust has come!

In the final task wind zone, a gust of Gale Force’s power comes in. The gust of blowing in various directions at each level can be promoted in front of you or push it out of the course. Let’s get rid of tremendous aerial tricks while rising with the power of a gust.

Sudden route

Can you choose the right route? Let’s check carefully. There are many points in the abrupt route! The route can be selected from a safe standard route, an adventurous rattling route, and a difficult flute. Once these cool routes, try the Hall of Add.



With confidence and expensive! Customize the latest outfits and head for difficult adventures. Rad antis cannot conquer without an excellent outfit. Express your personality with Oriole’s unique outfit, and complete each course like yourself. Still, don’t be careful… the wind seems to be quite tight.

The expansion content Ohio Royal: Search for Flow Zone is being distributed for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It is said that the Ohio RI World Expansion Pass and Ohio Rad Edition are included from the beginning.