Pick up the weapon, sell the medieval battlefield, the simulator comes out.

A new simulator, which deals with the life of an ordinary blacksmith in the medieval Europe, where the war takes place, is about to be released. He is testing through Steam and is currently recruiting test participants.

The title of the game is the Sword & Shield simulator and was produced by the Polish game developer Maiden Studio. The background is a medieval European in war, and is a blacksmith who supports the victory of allies in a confusing situation. Play is largely divided into collection, restoration and sales.

First is collection. Soldiers can go out with a fierce battlefield to get swords, shields, helmets, and armor. There are some equipment all over the battlefield, and it is possible to bring equipment from the body. You can pick a good one of the equipment you collected and bring it to the blacksmith. The equipment you secured can be transferred in a cart and can be upgraded.

The second is restoration. Clean the equipment obtained from the battlefield, repair the broken armor, heat up the curved sword, hammer, and restore the sword. It is also possible to melt weapons and create new weapons. The more you use the various tools, the more skills can be done, and the work can be done more efficiently.

The last is sales. After fixing the equipment obtained from the battlefield, it is sold again to soldiers who go to war. It can be said that it is a kind of recycling that makes the abandoned equipment useless. The funds for selling equipment can be used to help villages that are having difficulty in war or to develop a blacksmith.

The Sword & Shield Simulator is tested through Steam and is released in the near future. In addition, Korean subtitles are officially supported.