A video that plays Harajin with 13K resolution attracts attention. RTX 4090 draws a clearly detailed Teim

A video that plays Hardin with an ultra-high resolution setting of 13k (13,760 x 5760) has been posted, attracting attention. Overseas media PC Games reports.

Hardin is an open world action RPG developed by Chinese game development company Photo and developed under the Hoovers brand. The player becomes a traveler who has visited the world and adventures on the continent of East. A story about seven countries is depicted with vast 3D fields and unique characters. The beautiful East scenery that scatters towns and fields will be one of the charms of this work.


This time, a video that played this work with 13K resolution setting was posted. The contributor is Golden Reviewer, a gadget YouTube channel.

In the video, the resolution setting of 13,760 x 5760 is applied in the graphics settings, and almost all other items are played with the highest setting. The resolution can usually be set within the corresponding range of the monitor. For other graphic settings, the rendering accuracy is set to 1.5, which is the maximum. As a result, the texture of the characters and objects will be drawn so that the texture of the character and object is not blurred even at high resolution.

In the video, you can see how you go around the game at a high resolution. With a precise pixel drawing, it seems that the details of the characters and objects can be clearly enjoyed even if a part of the screen is enlarged. In the scene in the video, which is said to have expanded the screen 5 times, there is almost no blur in the outline due to expansion. YouTube is only compatible with 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, but you can feel a 13K image. Although the video does not include the battle scene, it also includes actions such as running and gliding. In each scene, the frame rate keeps 25-30 FPS. It seems that you can enjoy the tour while keeping a certain frame rate on the super large screen.

The game play in the video is working on a PC equipped with a RTX 4090 graphic board. RTX 4090 is the highest performance of the NVIDIA’s new GPU series. You can know the power. On the other hand, the CPU is equipped with Intel Core i7-10700KF. The CPU usage rate in the video remains around 10 %. Although there is a successor and a high-end model in 10700kF, it can be confirmed that it works with a large margin.

Golden Reviewer has posted various other high-resolution gameplay videos. For example, as a video of the same Hardin, there is a play video at 7K resolution (6880 x 2880). It is stable at a high-resolution, which is too high, and has been stable around 100 FPS. In addition, a battle scene in the dungeon is also included. In the dungeon, the frame rate is even higher because the drawing of the distant view is not required, and if there is no flashy effect, it keeps around 150 FPS during the battle.

In addition, Overwatch 2 has also posted a 7K resolution and twice the gameplay video. It keeps 150-200 FPS even in a fierce battle, and it doesn’t seem to be disadvantageous at the frame rate even in 7k and double render scale. On the other hand, it will be a different story whether a huge monitor that corresponds to 7k can be fought from the end to the end.

Looking at the posted videos on Golden Reviewer, you can see that RTX 4090-equipped PCs can play various games comfortably at ultra-high resolution. There is only the highest model of the new GPU series, which has very powerful performance. Although the price is high from 298,000 yen, it seems that you can enjoy everyday gameplay on a monitor of 4K or more. However, high-resolution monitors are likely to be valued accordingly. If you can afford it, you may want to try the next-generation high-resolution gameplay.