Overwatch 2: Blizzard gives Skin for free as an apology to the community

Overwatch 2 had its long-awaited debut in early October 2022. But for Blizzard’s unhappiness, the release was not exactly successful: players reported difficulties in getting into the game, endless queues and continuous connection falls. This is because the developer has undergone DDoS attacks, a type of malicious onslaught that generates a large overload on the servers.

Days after the event, the company-owner of other titles such as World of Warcraft and Hearthstone-has published an official statement apologizing for the situation and announcing that it will give a free legendary skin (and other rewards) as compensation: Reaper cursed captain .

Overwatch 2 as an apology

The hero chosen for all players to receive a skin for free is reaper . To rescue the look, all you need is to log in the game between October 25 and the end of the first season . This action comes at the same time as the first Overwatch 2 Halloween event, the Halloween 2022 terror, which features skins, a new game mode and other rewards.

In addition to the legendary look. But beyond the content, such as the extent of the apology, some days with twice the experience of the match were also planned . The first weekend with twice Exp happens from October 28-31, along with the thematic event.

These are not the first content given free of charge by the developer after Overwatch became Free-to-Play. It was possible to purchase a legendary and unpublished skin of Kirk, the new support character, through a Twitch drop campaign. The action was so successful that with the arrival of the Halloween event another look is being distributed to the community by the same method: it is necessary to watch four hours of OW 2 temporal transmissions to purple to get Winston Werewolf.