Sukueni Life RPG Harvestella new information is released. Announced that it changes from the trial version from the information related to the winter town

Square Enix released new information on the life simulation RPG Harvested on October 19.

Harvester is a life simulation RPG where you can enjoy life, exchange and adventure in a fantasy world that color the four seasons. On a planet with four huge crystals called Seas Light, you can enjoy fishing and cooking, such as fishing and cooking, with the benefits of the four seasons. However, someday, the seed lights occur, the crops withered at the turn of the season, and the death season will occur, where people cannot walk outside. The protagonist is a villager who had gone to a remote village on a certain death season. He lives a self-sufficient life and cooperates with his colleagues to solve the mystery of the death season, and to unravel the truth of the world and death.


What was released this time is information about the winter location, Argent. Afghan is a snowy religious city and is the home of the Kiyonokan. It is said that the priests of the cult will visit the sinus near Alan, where the winter seed lights are located.

You will be visiting Aegean for a winter seed light survey. It seems that the sinus, which has a seed light, is prohibited from entering except for those who have been given an exempted flower. The priest of the cult, who has begun to receive a trust since the change of the seed light, predicts that a disaster will occur in the near future. Many religious flowers, whose people wearing the human being clean, will be asked by many religions by their prophecy. It seems to be a story that approaches the mystery of the Kiyonokan and prophecy.

In Argent, you will meet mercenary Lucca. He’s a rumor that he will take over the reward, but the amount is expensive.

As a new job, Avenger, who is good at physical attacks from long distances, and Pilgrim, which performs physical attacks and magic attacks with magic swords, has been released. Avenger can switch the attribute of the normal attack with fire or ice attributes by skill. Pilgrim seems to learn a wide range of attacks and skills to generate damage fields.

In terms of life, information on fairy order has been released. As the story progresses, the fairies will help the hero’s field work. There are various types of fairies, and this time a fire fairy is introduced. In addition, by achieving a fairy order that can be confirmed from the fairy book at home, you can get rewards that are useful for various things.

By handing a lot of fairy orders, farming is powered up, such as cultivating a wide area of the field at a stretch, watering, sowing, and harvesting at a stretch. In addition, the probability of harvesting high-quality crops is improved by leveling the field itself. The shipment amount can be high and the quality of the dishes can be increased. In addition, by helping the fairies related to each seed light, new biomes such as the waterside and caves can be opened.

As a new information in interacting with characters, it was revealed that eating during adventure with friends would increase the cooking effect and a special story. Depending on the food you eat, you can see the surprising aspects of the character.

The Harvester trial version also announced the update items in the product version. In this work, a trial version is distributed for Nintendo Switch. Based on the feedback in the trial version, the following items seem to be improved in the product version.

** ・ Surprise the time passing on the field and world map
・ Increase the pet movement speed on the world map

・ Shorten the time to catch fishing
・ Shorten the job change school time
・ Adjust the normal attack frame of mage
・ Reduce load time
・ Added warning production when the character’s HP is reduced **

Harvester will be released for 7680 yen (tax included) for Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam). The release date of the Nintendo Switch version is scheduled for November 4, and the PC (Steam) version will be released on November 5. In the Nintendo Switch version, a trial version that can take over save data to the product version is being distributed.

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