Where to find a nightshade in the garden of the herbalist in A Plague Tale Requiem

Much happens in chapter 3 A Plague Tale: Requiem. When playing for animation, you must find a nightshade, a plant that can help Hugo, since it is currently a seizure due to the fact that the master of the order, the master of the order, is trying to suppress the macular. the herbal garden is the first place where it is worth looking, but is there a clown there?


Fastens in the garden of a herbalist?

A cloak is not in the garden or house of this herbalist. In the end, you will receive a nightshade, but only at the end of chapter 3. Nevertheless, in order to move forward, you will have to scour the herbalist in the garden to interact with certain plants, and then enter the house to advance through the plot.

You cannot interact with anything in the garden until Lucas mentions that this is a purple plant in the shape of a star. There are only three plants with which you can interact.

Violet flower to the right of the house, next to the tree. *
Two plants under a garden roof
One right
* One on the left.

After all three are viewed, you can enter the house and continue chapter 3. But if you are studying more, you can find a corpse and chamomile flower for the Hugo collection. This is not the first and not the last time you need to perform certain actions in A Plague Tale: Requiem so that you can move forward in the plot.

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