LOL – Worlds 2022: Only one makeup victory The historical debacle of European teams

The good thing that the 2022 Worlds are played at an untimely schedule is that many fans will have gone to sleep with the peace of mind that Rogue was classified to the quarterfinals. The European team assured its place in the qualifying phase of the League of Legends World Cup thanks to a first victory against GAM Esports and to the surprise of the Vietnamese team to the second classified of the LPL. The rogues did not have to do anything else, because the feeling is that Europe has saved the furniture thanks to a blow of luck .

hopeless classification for the quarterfinals of the Worlds 2022

After the Fanatic and G2 Esports debacle, we were not for too many demands, and it cannot be said that Rogue manages to reach the quarterfinals unfairly. However, the rogues have left the feeling that the last hope of the West is that of 1% possibilities and 99% of faith. The European teams participating in the 2022 Worlds have signed the worst second round in the history of the region , being able to win only one of the ten games played. The registration worsens the results of 2014, last time that no team on the continent was able to reach the best of five.

For the second consecutive year, a single LEC representative will be able to reach the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The situation is unprecedented in history, because until now the region had never chained two World Cup editions with such discreet results . However, that is not the only record that continues. Since 2018 a team from the continent does not leave the groups as first classified, and you have to go back to that same year to find 50% of European clubs among the first four in the world. In any case, we cannot point out the beginning of the debacle until later year (2019) after G2 Esports lost the tournament final.


Rogue’s possible rivals in the quarterfinals of the Worlds 2022

In the first tie, Rogue will have to face T1 , JD Gaming or the first classified of group D. In this last part they are favorites RNG and gen.g . Whoever reaches the best of five against the rogues will do so as a clear candidate to advance. There are no possibilities of a friendly raffle, since even among the four sets mentioned it is easy to point out which is the lowest level. The truth is that the Asian regions have ended with the the gap is crossing (the gap is closing) to enlarge a distance that reached its historical minimum a couple of years ago.

The only European hope is a transformation of Rogue with the beginning of the best of five. The continental organization has had a good performance in the matches to multiple maps throughout the current season. However, taking into account the history of all world championships played in the current format, The possibilities of a second classified of groups to advance in the Worlds are 34%. They say that statistics are to break them, and we will have to see if the training week serves to get what it now seems fed improbable.