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Large skin color rogue light TD Dungeon Squad iOS version distribution started. The skin color changes to black tights

On October 15, Korean game development company GAMESTER has launched the iOS version of Dungeon Squad . It supports Japanese subtitles, and the price is 800 yen including tax. It seems that some dot pictures have been adjusted from the Android version.

Dungeon Squad is a tower defense work with a rogue-like element that strengthens the monsters by repeating combat and choices. The stage of this work is a world in which the dungeon has been ruined by the invasion of endless warriors and the demon world has been destroyed. The monsters were trying to invade the brave base to rebuild the broken demon. In this work, the player chooses the apostle of the Genie invading the warriors. We will develop the battle while repeated strengthening with the resources and power taken from the warriors.

In this work, the battle between the genus and the warriors of the genie and the warriors occurs every day. The genie apostles have unique abilities. Except for the first apostle, the apostles will automatically attack and try to repel them when the warrior appears. In this work, if the magic stone behind the apostle is destroyed, the game will be over, so we will repel the warrior and survive.

After the battle, the goods and prisoners dropped by the warriors can be obtained as rewards. You can place new apostles, let the apostles remember new abilities, and strengthen the camp. When the reward is obtained, there are basically multiple options, such as which abilities to strengthen. For example, when a prisoner is secured, he says, Place a new apostle, strengthen the assigned apostle, replace the assigned apostles with another apostle, and increase the skill level of the random apostle. Choose Enhancement from the options. Among the apostles’ abilities, all allies are affected, abnormal conditions, and rebuffs for enemies. The combination of the apostles is also important. The repeated choice with random elements awaits.

In addition, in this work, if the magic stone is destroyed, it will be played again from the beginning, but it also has a permanent reinforcement element. In-game currency will allow the apostles to release, enhance, and release functions, and will be able to advocate gameplay. In addition, the release of the apostle, the initial selection apostle’s attack automation, and the change in the game speed is also possible.

The Korean game development company GAMESTER is developing this work. As a past work, Dungeon Maker was released in 2018. Enhancements and endless game plays with selection have attracted many players. In this work Dungeon Squad, the Android version was released on October 7 and the iOS version was released today on October 15. According to GAMESTER’s tweet on October 7, the iOS version was said to take some time to judge, but some expressions have been changed in the iOS version. Many female characters appear in this work, and the apostles and prisoners are drawn in dot pictures with a lot of skin color. However, in the iOS version, Kerberos and Dark Pegasus dot paintings were partially changed to black pantyhose. In addition, it seems that the graphics have been adjusted to the POW dot paintings, etc., and the graphics have been adjusted.

Dungeon Squad is distributed for 800 yen including tax for iOS and 760 yen including tax for Android.