PUBG: Prepare to scare these new cosmetics Pubg x dbd collaboration

The collaborations of different companies and content have created epic crossovers that the fanatic enjoys at every moment that leave, now you can shout Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner with a terrifying style because Dead by Deadlift Ads Content Ads For pub gas for New State , both games that you can enjoy on your mobile will have content for Halloween.


Dress for the hunt: from October 19 to December 7 on PC, and from October 20 to December 8 on consoles, the collaboration with Dead By Daylight will offer the players of PUBG: Battlegrounds the opportunity to acquire Thematic cosmetic rewards, including:

  • Costumes (x4 sets)
  • Masks (x4)
  • Backpack Skins (X3)
  • Pan Skin
  • Plate with name

For a limited time, players can experience the iconic and chilling hiding place of Dead by Daylight. Four players can participate by entering through the game lobby banner, where there will be a murderer and three survivors.

The three survivors will have to use their ingenuity and skills to avoid the murderer, using basic elements of Dead By Daylight, as objects that are thrown. Survivors must repair generators around the map to turn on the exit and escape doors. Players can obtain rewards by completing the following missions from October 21 to November 7:

  • Play the Dead By Daylight mode once and get a lone survivor outfit code Dwight Unknown, which can be exchanged at Dead by Daylight.
  • Play the Dead By Daylight mode five times to win an Aerosol article by Dead By Daylight.
  • Accumulate 10 kills as a murderer and receive the mask The Nurse (character of Dead By Daylight).

With all these fans of the shooting game can celebrate differently one of the favorite dates of the community for their events, it should be noted that there are still more surprises to reveal for which we must be attentive for future collaborations that can bring us more cosmetics to add to the locker.