How to get the soul of Nasy island at Lost Ark

As soon as you overcome the wall of the proof in Lost Ark, a completely new sea area will open before you. This means a bunch of new islands and their collection island souls. Only in the Central Sea of Pronation there are 17 islands with souls that need to be collected, and you need everything from the levels of rapport to defeated mobs-bosses. Here we will discuss how to get the soul of the island of NASA at Lost Ark.


Где находится потерянный ковчег души острова Наруни?

When you first arrive at the island, you will see environmental researcher a little east, who will offer you a quest called nasal forward! Full it, and you will be rewarded with the soul of the island of NASA. It sounds simple, and technically it is. There is no danger on the island, so you do not have to use your combat valor. But it can be incredibly annoying and take a little time.

You need to collect 101 nurses complete the task and no, they do not stand still. It takes a few seconds to catch them along the timer, and if they move until the timer end, you will not receive them. This may disappoint, but you will begin to notice that each nursing works on the template. The key is to find a place where somewhat stop close to each other and stand long enough to be caught.

In the spot on the image above there are two, which for some time stand next to each other. And even better, if they move, they return to the same place in a few seconds to give you a second chance. For a variety, go north-east to the north-eastern corner of the second large black spot in the middle of this area. When you have 101, return to the researcher to get your island soul.

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