Explanation of all status effects in Omega Strikes

At first glance, Omega Strikers seems to be a simple game in which the player strikes the core forward and back in an attempt to score a goal. But there is much more than it seems at first glance. This includes heroes, abilities and status effects. This may make you ask about what status conditions do in Omega Strikers.

Conditions of Omega Strikers status and what they are doing

There are many status states that may affect you, your teammates and your opponents. They can lead to big plays and help turn the course of the game. Here are all the status conditions and their effects in Omega Strikers.

Stunned: *
* Prevents players from acting. He stops the nucleus movement and does not allow him to move again until the stunning ends.
expelled :
* Prohibits players use abilities. Makes affected by striking and the core inappropriate and immune to other effects.
shot down :
* Pushes an enemy striking in the direction and stuns it for a while. It redirects the core in the right direction, but does not stun it. In its essence, it does not inflict damage.
Knocked *:
* When the striking is pushed out of the arena, they are removed from the game and cannot act until they are survived.
in a checkerboard pattern *:
* It occurs when the stunning scale of the striker is completely filled, as a result of which he temporarily receives significantly increased incarnation. The Stagger Bar is quickly restored after Staggered, but getting subsequent damage delayed this effect.

* Damage :
* Increases the scale of stunning of the target for some value, but does not throw it back if it is not described as a blow or incarnation.
* Hit :
* A universal term that describes everything that causes the effect on the target (damage, discarding, strengthening or weakening).
elusive *:
* Makes a striker inaccessible to choose as a goal and immune to effects and abilities. However, any existing Buff or Rebuff will remain elusive.
immune *:
* Makes a striker inaccessible to choose as a goal and immune to effects and abilities, except for buffs. This effect occurs for a short time after the revival of the striker from the knockout.

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