Hardspace: Ship breaker – 6 tips & tricks for space

In our tips guide to hard space: Ship breaker you can find out:

  • How you work as efficiently as possible
  • What benefits the energy maintenance straps have
  • How you get to higher-ranking ships
  • Which upgrades are particularly useful
  • How to repair your tools

In Hard space: Ship breakers you have to repay your debt with diligence and work. Your workplace: space . Our guide helps you to do the work as efficiently as possible.

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raged in free mode

After you have completed the tutorial, the free game mode is automatically unlocked. In this game mode you are free of all restrictions-you don’t have to worry about working hours, oil or oxygen consumption . In addition, you can try all sorts of spaceship models early on. The mode is perfect for being familiar with the different game mechanics.

take your time at work

At the beginning of the work on a new ship you should always take a close look at the ship and the level. If you are too hasty and cuts in the wrong place, you risk a pressure explosion. With the X-ray view you can see the cutting points on a ship.

Always looking for the intersections on a ship. This not only reduces the risk of an explosion, but also increases the yield at the end. Also keep away with your cut instrument of explosive objects such as fuel tanks .

uses the energy retention straps

You can use your tool to use objects that are heavier than yourself. Objects that are easier than you can bring to yourself. With the help of the energy stop , you combine objects or surfaces.

Use energy maintenance straps to keep objects at one point-so you make sure that you do not accidentally hurl an object after cutting. In addition, the maintenance straps have a higher attraction than the regular energy beam, which is why you can also attract objects that are too heavy for your normal gripper.

Earn money and increase the rank-that’s how it works

You start in Hard space: Ship breaker with an immense mountain of debt. It can be tempting to save every cent as soon as possible. Instead, focus on fulfilling all optional goals in a job. This costs more time and may even cause costs-for example because you have to fill up your oxygen tank more often-but reward points for your rank .

With rank ascents you get access to higher quality ships. In the long term you will earn more money if you let yourself be at the beginning. Neither is stingy at the oxygen and fuel stock . If the oxygen goes out, you die and that costs you significantly more money than refueling. You get both at the terminal.

You should also buy repair kits if your suit is damaged at work. If you die, you will get an invoice for replacing the approach and your tools.

How do I repair my tools in hard space: Ship breakers?

Your tools use frequent use and even run the risk of being broken with poor care. That does not mean the end of the game, but the spare parts may cost you several thousand credits. The effectiveness also decreases over time-for example, the energy knife overheats much faster after some useful life.

You can either get repair kits at the terminal or you will find them on the ships. Unfortunately, you should not make repairs during work. You can only repair tools in the Had . So check the condition of the tools before each job.

Which upgrades are worthwhile at first?

Oxygen is the most important resource in hard space: Ship breakers. But the oxygen supplies in particular go very quickly at first. That costs you time and money. Invested in upgrades for your oxygen tank as soon as possible.


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Your fuel capacity is almost as important. You cannot make progress without fuel and can even screw up an entire job. Buy fuel upgrades to increase the total capacity.

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