Google sends thousands by mistake to hacker

Sometimes life is quite ironic, because large companies usually have rare carapaces errors that involve making millionaire money that the beneficiary does not want to return. And now, this has happened to Google, who has unintentionally granted a person neither more nor less than $250,000 and without asking them instantly.


The money fell to an engineer named Sam Curry , who tells himself a hacker of the networks, who had no bad intentions to use the money, especially seeing the origin of the transfer. He even posted his capture of the transaction, but the American giant company did not answer him, this until practically one month after the error.

A little more than 3 weeks have passed since Google randomly sent me $249,999, and I have not heard anything on the support ticket. Is there any way that we can get in touch @google?

(okay if you don’t want it back…)

Now, a spokesman has reported that the treatment is already being reached to make the return transfer, something that very few people would have accepted, and more after a month of trying to contact them without response.

Our team made a payment to the incorrect person for a human error. We appreciate that we have been informed quickly, and we are working to correct it.

For now, it has not been informed if the money of Google returned in full.