The Last of Us Part I: Where to find the recreational of Jak X to get the trophy nobody is perfect

The Last of Us Part I has trophies of all types: collectible, caress a puppy, leave Ellie hanging… and there is also one that involves playing within the game. You have to play with the character you are playing with. His name is No one is perfect and then tell you how and where to get it.

Play JAK X in The Last of Us Part I

The nobody is perfect of The last of us part i is achieved during the DLC Left Behind . You must first arrive at the encion area. It has no loss, and it is simply impossible to jump it because there is a large part of the mission that develops in that place.

Once you pass the kinematics and the Ellie and Riley dialogues in the uncle you can freely explore the area. Put your look at the Mechanical active stairs that take you to the upper area of the mall.

Ellie does not really play JAK X: Combat Racing _,An Arcade and Science fiction driving video game developed by Naughty Dog (responsible for The Last of Us) and distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment. The machine is broken, so it simulates what the game would be. If you have ever played, our protagonist does not move much away from the experience.

In any case, you just have to sit and see Ellie freaking out with the recreational. It is not difficult to get this trophy, but very easy to overlook it. In any case, you are one step closer to obtaining the Platinum Trophy and becoming the final survivor.

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