The best skills for each class in Diofield Chronicle

Airfield Chronicle is supplied with a number of various abilities for each class, some of which are the best, while others simply fill the slots. You would like the best skills for each class to be equipped for maximum performance. This leadership will help you understand this by explaining the best skills for each class in Airfield Chronicle.

Regardless of whether you choose the classes of a soldier, gentleman, magician or archer in The Airfield Chronicle, we will provide you with information and explain the best skills for each of them. So, without unnecessary words, let’s get down.

  • The best cavalry skills
  • The best skills of a soldier
  • Best archer skills
  • The best skills of a magician

class skills Cavalier

When it comes to the cavalier class in The Airfield Chronicle, there are two types of skills: spear and claws. The best skills of both types will be listed here.

Best Lance skills

Full frontal attack

This is a frontal attack that causes damage to the first enemy that will stand in his way.

The attack has great mobility, and you only need to maneuver a little to hit a specific goal. It also has a low cost of EP and can hit several enemies at the same time.

The most pleasant thing is that you can improve this skill to reduce its recovery time and expand its range.

Vicious swing

This is another useful skill for the gentleman (Lance). It can cause damage to enemies in the target area and move them before unit.

This skill gives you excellent control over the crowd that you can use to sow chaos in the horde of enemies using Avatar. It can also be improved to reduce the cost of EP and add Rebuff Delay.

Best claws

Wings of storms

This can attract enemies in the target area to the center and cause significant damage.

This skill, like Vicious Swing, provides excellent control of the crowd and helps to bring down AOE enemies.

Fire assault

In this attack, you move to certain points and set fire to the ground to cause damage to enemies on your way.

This skill allows you to hit several goals at once and has excellent mobility. You can also improve this skill to increase the duration of the burn.

Soldier class skills

The class of soldiers should offer the skills of a dagger, sword and shield and ax, and the best of them are described in the next section.

Best dagger skills


It is used to apply severe damage to enemies, and if you manage to cut down the enemy, the recovery time is reduced to 0.

This skill has a low cost in EP and can be improved to reduce the cost even more.

Step of shadow

This ability allows you to sneak up to enemies from behind and inflict damage to them.

The skill has a low-cost EP and inflicts additional damage to enemies with the effect of status. It also has good mobility, which provides an ambush.

the best skills of a sword and shield


He causes damage to the enemy, and also immobilizes him.

This skill is extremely useful because it interrupts enemy skills and makes the enemy motionless for a short time. It can be improved to add Rebuff to the study and reduce recovery time.

Slash from a turn

This ability imposes a provocation on enemies, and also causes damage to them.

This skill is ideal for assembling the tank and has the low cost of EP. This is quite effective, and you can update it to improve it even more.

Best ax skills

ax of grace

This skill causes a provocation, causes damage to enemies and restores HP depending on the damage.

This increases your chances of survival and destructively when used in ambush.

Heavy blow

This first causes damage to the enemy in the defeat zone, and then goes on to a particular enemy.

This provides excellent mobility and can cause damage to several enemies at once, which justifies EP costs.

class skills

The Airfield Chronicle Archer class has many onion and firearms shooting skills. In this section, we will consider the best skills for both.

Best onion skills

deafening shot

This skill, as the name implies, is used to stun enemies.

This is quite simple and easy to use the skill that can be improved for further improvement.

trap caster

This skill is used to install a trap with a stretch. When the enemy gets into it, the damage increases as the reloading timer is counted.

Given the damage that this skill inflicts over time, it costs reasonable EP, so it is one of the best skills.

The best firearms skills


He inflicts damage to enemies in his target area, and the most pleasant thing is that the more enemies in the field of action, the more intense the damage.

This skill is useful to easily deal with the crowd of enemies.

chain shot

This skill shoots with a ricochet from one enemy to another in the selected region, causing weakness.

This is useful for damage to several enemies, and also gives rebuffs, such as weakness and wilting.

class skills Wizard

In the class of the magician there are a staff and skills of a rod. Here we examined the best skills for both.

Best staff skills

frosty ox

Frost bind can cause freezing for its goal.

This ensures effective control of the crowd, and also cancels all incoming damage. In addition, all this is achieved due to the low value of EP.


This forms a circle, gradually healing all allies inside it.

This ability is extremely useful because it can treat all allies at the same time. You can improve this skill to add resistance buff and increase the amount of treatment.

The best skills of the rod

Fall of meteor

This skill collapses meteorite rain on enemies, inflicting damage at equal intervals.

It covers a large area, resulting in damage to more enemies. You can increase this skill level to get an additional Burn Status effect.


Healing skill has the ability to restore no more than 50% of the maximum health of this goal.

Although it has a high cost of EP, the advantages that he provides compensate for this. This skill has a quick recovery time that can be reduced by improving the skill.