Summers War: Chronicle update User Communication

Comes announced on the 20th that it will update user communication and enhance convenience in the summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’.

First, upgrade the system so that users can enjoy missions more fun and reward them more rich. Save points are installed on the path of growth, and only one time is cleared, and then the boss battle can be started at the save point. The Gold Compensation for each stages of training was raised, and the expedition, cracks, and arena progression time were also shortened. In the future, we will also add a raid participation assistant system where you can enjoy raids three times a week with guild members.

It also introduced the ability to enjoy the game more conveniently. The existing village warehouse has a rune-warehouse function and type filtering function, allowing more convenient runes to manage and charging tickets at any time. In the picture book, all of them were added and searched, and the manufacturing efficiency of the guild request station was also revised.

In addition, the pagoda of the perforation and the tower of the attributes will be expanded to 120 floors and 90 floors, respectively, and the tower’s power is added to expand the enjoyment of the game. In addition, it is a new costume that will be sold at all times.


The event was also held with gratitude for the user support sent to Chronicle. In addition to the update, Com2uS is a constant event that allows you to obtain abundant gifts every time you break through the tower of perforation and the tower of attributes. Provides a special reward to commemorate one month of launch.