Lower entry barrier, Phantom Blade CBT feedback

‘Soul game Limited’ announced that it has completed the second closed beta test (secondary CBT) of the dark punk action RPG ‘Phantom Blade: Executioners’.

The second CBT, which was held for a month from August 18 to September 16, has more than 100,000 global testers to experience the contents of the game. The game explained.

On the other hand, this test showed a newly reconstructed three-dimensional stage and full HD PC version, and the basic action and operation became easier and soft, and the overall graphic texture, including various backgrounds and expressions, was improved.

In addition, as the incomparable action development, the voice actor full voice, was added to the end of the infinite combo action, and the story of the mission solution, and the party invited to target the strong boss.

SG has mentioned the feedback from users and to improve the top priority and future updates. Above all, according to the opinion that the barriers to entry of the first user’s entry, the tutorial will be rewritten, and the monster difficulty down tower, the opening of the function, and the game guides will be designed to be easily accessible. In addition, in the case of the PC version, the game pad and keyboard support will be further improved to support more free settings.

The fourth new character, Left, will be unveiled in the official service to be unfolded in the fourth quarter. As soon as he was born, the family was destroyed, and he was adopted by the leader of the organization who noticed his possibilities at the bottom of the dark end of the darkness. He mixes the mixture, trains several techniques to disrupt opponents, and grows in exchange for a brilliant sword and strategy that puts a soul blowing blow in the process.

In addition, the new episode 5 ‘The disappeared Holy Hand Gil’, the 6th ‘Index Finger Injection’, the new event dungeon strengthens the scenario content, and reinforces the voice actor dubbing to the NPC conversation that appears in the game main story. I plan to implement it.