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Instead of Sahill-Megisol, Fantastic Guardian Exhibition, Konamis TGS

INAMI was expected to release the title that fans were looking forward to with various rumors. But the resurrection of Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid was not announced. Instead, the fantasy guards loved by classic RPG fans find fans with remasters.

INAMI introduced games and events to be displayed at the site booth on the 16th on the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2022 live broadcast. The event was held by Model and actor Mitsuki Nashik as MC.

INAMI will welcome field fans around the TGS, with the Yu-Gi-Oh, Super Bomber man R2, the idol project Shine Post with various media mixes, the e-football 2023, and the previously released fantasy guardians 1 & 2 HD remasters.

First, you can meet four Yu-Gi-Oh card game titles in the INAMI booth Yu-Gi-Oh Section.

The first title you can meet is the Yu-Gi-Oh Battle, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cross Dual. Cross Dual is a real-time dual game played by up to four players, and as four players play on one battlefield, the strategies and battles are different from the existing dual. It is also characterized by the implementation of the monsters and characters of the game in 3D.

In the showcase, strategic play was emphasized, such as four players actively teaming up or deceiving their opponents.

As it is officially released all over the world, you can experience the game immediately through free download.

In January this year, Master Dual, which has expanded its stage to mobile, can also be experienced in the field. In particular, INAMI booth provides a new experience with a special gaming chair.

Another mobile title, Dualism, is a new world with Yu-Gi-Oh TRAINS. TRAINS is the sixth series of Yu-Gi-Oh, and the video released on the day also shows playmaker, soul burner, and child.

The sequel to the Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Dual Strong Battle Royale, the Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Dual Battle Royale, which was introduced through the Nintendo Switch Platform! Go rush !! It was also released with a new video. The game tells the story of Yu-Gi-Oh, the latest game of Yu-Gi-Oh Animation, which was broadcast this year. This work is based on the world of animation, and you can meet the original story and various characters. The game will be released on December 1, 2022.

There is also a section where four players can experience the new Super Bomber man R2. In the field, you can enjoy the game with a friend or other player with a large screen.

The trailer played together was a video that was released earlier, and the story of various game modes and the overall worldview with eight Bomber man brothers was also introduced. Super Bomber man R2 is the title that emphasizes the most volume of the series with several game modes.

In particular, the new mode, Castle Mode, was introduced separately through the host. Castle Mode is an asymmetric match where one Castle side user who protects treasures against 15 people will be able to open the treasure.

On the other hand, there are also special events that can only be experienced in the field. In the Idol Project Shine Post section, which is a media mix in various ways such as light novel, music, live, dance, animation, and games, you can take a commemorative photo with a virtual idol.

In the e-football 2023 zone, next to the Yu-Gi-Oh Section, there is a shooting section where you can create your own original card. The photos taken by the booth visitors are provided in the form of a card in the game.

In 2023, the fantasy of the fantasy of the fantasy 1 & 2 HD Remaster ** was also introduced together. The fantasy guards, based on the classic guardian war, are the role-playing series that has long been released in 2012. In particular, the initial fantasy guards and fantasy guardians 2, which were released as a PlayStation, are one of the works that many fans remember today.

The Remaster Title, which was previously released through the TGS stage event, is a work that allows you to enjoy one or two episodes as its name suggests. Through the remastered work, the dot expression, which was implemented close to the unique real size, was maintained, while moving the original sensibility by strengthening illustrations and background solidification and light source effects, and creating more flexible characters.

In addition to the trailers released in the showcase, the actual gameplay was also introduced. The game will be released in 2023 with Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

INAMI’s new title Signed: All Guns Blazing. Developed by Scotland Developer Kill works, the Shooting Game Signed showed high-quality graphics based on the next generation console. In particular, as the use of weapons, enemy bullets may be invalidated or induced lasers.


INAMI previously exhibited a signage at the German Game Event Game Com. Fireworks’ developers talked about the achievements of the scrambled that wiped the cross-scrolling genre, and INAMI’s representative flight shooting Radius, and the inspiration of INAMI, who distributed the game and the game.

The game will be released as a next-generation console such as PS5 and Xbox Series X | s, along with Steam, and no detailed release date has been disclosed.