Freefire: Gaming Virus and Net

After a day full of action that closes the third date within the Free fire League now begins the day number 4 where the squads continue to fight to sneak into the first positions, we have seen that despite the fact that there are teams that take the victories In the confrontations it is not enough for those who are in the upper part, but things can vary on this day.

Starting on a map of Bermuda we see how the Levant team is strong to reach the final part of the match but was with gaming virus that gave a great game the day before and that manages to repeat the beginning with a victory. In the second scenario Kalahari The situation was very similar, and again the viruses are present to spread with a mortal one that gave them the second victory of the night.

Going to purgatory The hunters seek to destroy the survivors, the Red Hunters team keeps calm to be able to travel the stages in a quieter way to get the advantage that gave them the victory. In Alps the story is repeated in favor of RH that keeps calm and multiplies the advantage with a double booth that helps them quite inside the table.

Returning to Bermuda The change of play style of the teams to seek to add more points but the leader of the table GNIS eSports is present, looking to punish the rivals and take the victory. Now in the Kalahari the duels become intense, but the intelligence of the hunters puts a constant pressure in the rivals thanks to the fact that Red Hunters manages to take another triumph.

During the seventh encounter in purgatory the situation is filled with several rapid casualties that complicates the teams but the one who takes advantage of is the Janus squad that ends up taking the victory. Closing in Alps We see how the stars want to be crowned in the last confrontation of the night, but gaming virus has the trigger faster to close with a Booth!

Ending with triple victory both for gaming virus and for Red Hunters Esports that remains in the first place in the table, now it’s time to rest and prepare for the next week when survivors seek to conquer the maximum glory.