How to get supermary snails in Splatoon 3

Splat on 3 has a star level system for its equipment. So the higher the star, the better the equipment. But raising the star level of your equipment is not as simple as it seems, since you will need a rare type of currency called Super Sea Snails. So how do you get Super maker snails in Platoon 3?

how to make supermart snails in Platoon 3

To earn Super Sea Snails in Platoon 3, you must participate in Splat fest. These Splat fest events often occur, and you will earn Splat fest Exp by participating in them. By earning more EXP and increasing your Splat fest title, you will get more Super Sea Snails after the end of the event.


You can also earn more Super Sea Snails while in the Subsided team SPLAYFEET. Of course, even if you do not win, you will earn part of this rare currency, just not so many. After the completion of Splat fest, take the sea superpowers from the booth in the square in Platoon 3.

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Для чего нужны суперморские улитки в Platoon 3?

Super maker snails are a rare currency that the march uses to improve your equipment in Platoon 3. Merch can increase the star level of any equipment at the price of supermart snails, depending on the brand of equipment. The better the brand, the more Super Sea Snails requires.

When the star level of the item of equipment is increased, you will unlock the slot of additional ability, and the experience for this equipment will be increased. Super maker snails can also be used to transfer some additional abilities of your equipment.

If you like the appearance of the item of equipment, but you do not like its abilities, you can use the march to throw these abilities to something that you prefer. However, this is by chance, so you may not get what you want. However, for all remote abilities you will receive fragments of abilities. When you have ten fragments of abilities, you can add this ability directly to the subject of equipment.

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