Andor calls the rebellion in the new Trailer of the thrilling Star Wars spies series

A few years have psed since Palatine proclaimed the first galactic empire, a totalitarian regime used from the shadows and with absolute power in the emperor’s hands. Star Wars: Ardor, the prequel of Rogue One , will narrate in series format the beginnings of the rebellion , something that is allowed to glimpse in the most recent trailer, shown during the Disney D23 and that you can see on these lines.

Starring Cpian Ardor (Diego Luna), the series embraces the genre of spy thriller , so the character will infiltrate the imperial structures to destabilize the forces of Darth Serious. Over the years, the galactic empire h become confident, because its leaders think that there are hardly any threats in the galaxy that can face them. After all, the Jedi Order w annihilated and most surviving gentlemen fell in the years after order 66.

Palatine h detractors in the Imperial Senate

On the side of the rebellion not only fights with weapons and sabotages, battle is also presented from the political spheres. This is the ce of Imperial Senator Mon Mothma , in office since republican times. In Coruscate, the power headquarters, politicians contrary to the emperor operate in the dark, waiting to organize a true resistance against tyranny.

Star Wars: Ardor will premiere on September 27 at Disney+. After the delay-he w scheduled for August-Lucfilm announced that the first three episodes would debut at the same time.

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