Stove Indie Opens the booth in BIC and gives you a gift for 2,080 people

Smilegate Stove Indie Game Platform ‘Stove Indie’ announced that it will run a booth at the Busan Indiannect Festival 2022 (BIC Festival 2022) held at the Busan International Convention Center until the 4th. BIC is the largest event among domestic indie game events, starting in 2015 and is a representative indie game show that has surpassed 811 cumulative exhibitions and 200,000 cumulative visitors.

The BIC Festival 2022 is a more special event for Stove Indie. This is because 40 developers, 31%of the participating companies, have participated in Smilegate’s indie support program.

Stove Indie will pursue a field goal of ‘fun’ at this event. Stov Indie will acquire its own classification company, support the formal distribution of indie games, and expand the contact between users and developers.

First of all, during the event, Stove Indie’s indie game Evangelist, ‘Indie’ Uns, is in the booth. In addition, there will also be an event that offers popular character lanterns to winners, such as ‘Love Delivery’, ‘Wish to the Star’, and ‘Black Academy’.

At the same time, the 2,080 people visiting the booth will hold a unpleasant draw event. You can visit the booth and participate in the event for free by authenticating the Stove Indie Member. Through the draw, you will receive an Xbox controller, Naver Pay gift certificate and a stove indie random discount coupon with various discounts. In addition, for users who cannot participate in the BIC, there will also be an event to present a booth free gift and free game coupon in the Stove Indie Community.

Smilegate Stove Han Young-woon said, The company and organizations that are doing their best to revitalize indie games and support creative activities are creating a very positive synergy effect. I will make a lot of effort to create an ecosystem.