Netease acquires Quantic Dream, Detroit Study: Become Human

In 2019, Quantic Dream, European study responsible for games such as Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, received an external investment from Netease, one of China’s big companies. Now, today it has been revealed that Quantic Dream has been acquired by netease for an amount of money that has not been shared.

Quantic Dream will continue to operate independently , focusing on the creation and publication of its video games on all platforms. At the same time they will take advantage of the important developing capabilities of netease games. This was what David Cage, founder, executive director, screenwriter and director of Quantic Dream commented, in this regard:

Today marks an important milestone for our study after a quarter of a century of total independence. Ntease Games values our creative freedom, the impulse and passion of our unique and diverse team. Now we can accelerate the vision we share as a group, to create emblematic titles that touch people on an emotional level. We have very differentiated games in development, and I really think the best is yet to come for Quantic Dream. I am particularly proud that our employees, who were offered an important part of our capital in recent years, benefit fully from this acquisition. It is a testimony of our continuous commitment to reward all those who have made Quantic Dream the successful study that is today.

For his part, Guillermo de Fondaumière, executive co-director and director of publication of Quantic Dream, added:

Notease Games invested for the first time in Quantic Dream three years ago. During this period, we had the opportunity to work in close collaboration and we saw first hand how related and complementary we are. The acquisition of Netease Games is presented as a natural evolution in this process and creates a unique opportunity to boost the growth of Quantic Dream by providing our production and publication teams all necessary means to excel.

Similarly, William Ding, Executive Director and Director of Netease, Inc., commented:


We are delighted to embark on a new and exciting growth stage with Quantic Dream, united by our shared vision, mutual trust and respect. Netease will continue to fulfill our promise to support Quantic Dream to develop its full potential. By combining wild creativity and the exceptional narrative approach of Quantic Dream with the powerful facilities, resources and abilities of execution of netease, we believe that there are infinite possibilities that could redefine the experience of interactive entertainment that we provide to players from all over the world.

The purchase of Quantic Dream is the first acquisition of a European company by Netease, which gives them greater reach in its global mission. For its part, The study is currently working on _star Wars Eclipse, a game that, according to several reports, is causing a series of ravages within Quantic Dream.

In related issues, the study has revealed why they no longer do exclusive playstation games. Similarly, Quantic Dream denies rumors about star wars eclipse.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a great movement that not many expected. However, it seems that Quantic Dream’s structure and businesses will not be modified, and instead we will see better financing for all types of projects, which can have positive results.