Valorant: Fracture will undergo changes in A, but it will not be a complete reown according to a rioter

Run in September 2021, he has been criticized since then. The Valorant community considers that the fracture map is one of the worst of the game. In the light of the various complaints of the players, the head of Maps Design of the FPS of Riot Games, Joe Lansford , said that Fracture will suffer a series of changes, although he did not set an final date for the small revision.

The information was published in the official Valorant profiles on social networks such as Tik Tok and Twitter, and through a small Lansford video indicated that the map will undergo general changes, although it did not come into details about what changes will be made:we are working on some changes in these moments. The general quality of life will change throughout the map _, said the developer.

It won’t be a complete reown

Since its launch, the fracture map has been undergoing some minor changes, such as the placement of protective barriers during periods of purchase and definitive orbs. In addition, sites A and B of the spike will be modified in the mini redesign. To explain this, the developer talks about how the goal was to play with the dead zone on this map, the area from the fact that the characters make appearance until they face the rivals.


_ We hope to make Spike’s site A Fracture.

Already in his official Twitter account, and in view of the stir caused by the video, Lanford commented on the following:Only to clarify a little: we will not rebuild the map in full. The playability core will be the same. As I have In the video, we are going to make important quality of life and several adjustments around _.