Sweet Meeting, Summers War X Cookie Run: Kingdom

Com2us (CEO Song Jae-jun, Lee Joo-hwan) announced that it has updated collaboration content with Cookie Run: Kingdom at Summers War: Arena (Summers War).

Com2us’s global hit, Summers War, announced the meeting of two IPs through various teaser images and videos ahead of the collaboration with Dev Sisters Cookie Run: Kingdom. First of all, through the update, you can see the popular characters of ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’ in the Summer Nazes War. Five cookies, including brave cookies, espresso flavored cookies, Madeleine flavor cookies, holiberry cookies, and pure vanilla cookies, were newly born as a colleague of the Summers War.

Limited content has also been added. ‘Gom Jelly Hot Pole’, which can be rewarded according to achievements by sending monsters or cookies, and ‘Collaboration Event Dungeon’ where you can see special skills when you participate in the battle with collaboration cookies, Arena accumulated in the veil. You can enjoy the content that you couldn’t meet in ‘Summers War’, such as rival ‘Summoner X’, during the collaboration period.

In addition, we added a Cookie Run: Kingdom Summon, which can summon 4 ~ 5-star full-scale collaboration cookies, and a special collaboration cookie special summons so that users can meet more new characters and contents.

Com2us will hold an event with the release of the collaboration contents. When you participate in the ‘Birth 5 ★ Brave Cookie Payment Event’, you can get a five-star property brave cookie with the points accumulated through the gameplay, and if you present the jelly beans collected with pre-events, attendance, and content play, cookies are cookies. : ‘With Cookies!’ Event, which provides rich gifts, including two Kingdom Summons, will also be held.

Meanwhile, with the update, a cinematic video was released to commemorate the meeting of the two games: Summers War and Cookie Run: Kingdom. In the video, the Summers War monsters, who were in crisis when they met the Red Velvet Cake Dragon during the battle, flew the enemies with the cookies of the Cookie Kingdom, and depicted the fateful encounter of a cute character combination that could not be seen before.

For more information about cinematic videos and update content, please visit the official promotion page of ‘Summers War X Cookie Run: Kingdom’. The page can also download the cute illustrations of monsters and cookies who are reborn as the main characters of the famous painting, and coupons to commemorate this collaboration.