Com2us starts special recruitment for art for art for new RPG development

Com2us will recruit key talent to the former arts forces to participate in the development of the new RPG.

Com2us is the first mobile MMORPG in Korea, and the collective RPG hit ‘Summers War: Arena’, which has been a long-term success for more than eight years after surpassing 150 million downloads worldwide, and popularity after domestic launch on the 16th. It serves various types of RPG titles, including summoned MMORPG ‘Summers War: Chronicle’. Com2us plans to secure outstanding talent for the development of new RPGs that will lead the future game market based on this special recruitment.

The recruitment fields are art former groups, TA, planning, and client programming, and applicants can apply online through the Com2us recruitment website until midnight on September 25. The screening process leads to the first and second interviews through the document screening, and the newly-level programmer will also test the handwriting test for the passing documents.

In particular, applicants can provide ‘simple support’ by registering simple information and portfolio registration that can show basic personal information, work experience and competence. In addition, the entire interview was carried out by non-face-to-face burns to enhance the convenience of applicants.


Com2us has prepared a variety of subsidies and compensation policies for special hiring. Wow, pay 3 million won as a welcome bonus. Even if you are not an employee, you will receive a recommended compensation if you hire through outside recommendation.

Successful documents will be announced within two weeks from the date of support, and will be interviewed from September to October, and will be announced in October.

Meanwhile, more details of the recruitment, including the eligibility, can be found on the Com2us recruitment homepage.