Look at the overwhelming chubby feeling! Exploration action ADV Tribal Hunter is free to lose weight and fat, and the way to enjoy it is infinite [Special repo]

GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so? So, in this article, we picked up one from such a game. I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, the action adventure Tribal Hunter is attractive with chubby elements! and careful search action . Let’s take a look at the points and attractiveness.


It is an action adventure that becomes a stuffed animal possessed by the guardian deity of the island and adventures while fighting various enemies. The biggest feature is a system that can be fat and thin by the protagonist. Each body has a strength, and it is important to choose according to the situation and play style.

It is a relatively orthodox search action as a game. At various places on the stage, fighting powerful bosses and various gimmicks await. It is also attractive that the story is gaining new abilities by proceeding with the story, and the adventure range is expanding steadily.

In addition, the characters drawn in the anime style, including the protagonist, have an outstanding design and personality for both enemies and allies. It also supports Japanese text, so you can enjoy the content of the conversation carefully.

Story Points Part 1! Focus on chubby elements!

The charm of this work is that it is a commitment to chubby . In the game, the protagonist will increase the full gauge by eating the defeated enemies and food. If the gauge is higher than a certain level, the protagonist’s figure changes, and if it gets fat, the screen will feel narrow.

The battle style varies depending on the body shape, such as being thin if you are thin, and if you are fat, the attack power is strong but slow. In addition, the full gauge is also related to magic attacks and recovery from physical strength, so it is important to calorie control on the stage.

However, if you enjoy this game, play with your favorite body as you want. Anyway, the design in the chubby state is excellent! In addition, chubby characters appear one after another regardless of gender or race, such as very cute dragon and boss that will power up when you pinch. You can’t miss this commitment! Of course, the characters that are not chubby are plenty of cute. It seems that there was also a prejewed NPC character in Kickstarter in the past.

There are many enemy characters that make you fat and fat, and if you notice, the protagonist is generally chubby. Oh, the waiting motion is also cute. By the way, if the full gauge exceeds the limit, it will burst and die. **

Story Points Part 2! Polite search action

The main character is the main game of this work that the protagonist explores the island area one after another as a guardian deity to defeat the annoying enemy that trags the island.

At first, the protagonist could only jump and attack, but he gained various abilities along the way, such as sticking it on the wall and breaking the wall. One of the so-called search actions, you will be able to enjoy the joy of opening up a new path, gaining your ability to freely explore the stage.

By consuming the experience gained by defeating the enemy, you can also set the ability to increase your attack power and physical strength, or to recover during attacks. It is difficult for an action game, and depending on the stage, it may be over again, but the experience value and money are not lost, so if you challenge many times, it is also kind.

Because there are also save points and fast trabels, it is also nice to be able to move around the world easily. There are also mini games where you can enjoy chubby beyond chubby!

This work was distributed by Steam early access in February 2021. It has been very highly evaluated until this official release, and in Steam’s user review, it is overwhelmingly popular. The fusion of a polite search action and a system that is well-eled, and the fusion of the system that is well-elized, the fun of the game, and the message to the chubby that feels particular about development is also very attractive.

The goodness of the world, the goodness of the character, etc., is played and does not get bored. In particular, the hero’s motion is very abundant for each figure, and it is a point to evaluate as a game that it is fun just to move. I’m glad that both enemies and allies are basically cute.

If you look at the screenshot of this article and the Steam store page and say Someone who felt some kind of charm , you can definitely recommend it.

Title: Tribal Hunter
Compatible models: PC (Steam/gog.com)
Release date: August 22, 2022 (official release)
Author play time at the time of writing: 8 hours
Price: 1,520 yen